Student's Stories

"Communication is a great department with wonderful professors who will help you achieve goals while in college and after you graduate."
- Jalen Goodwin '15 - Communication Studies Major

"The Communication Department is a very tight-knit, family-like group."
- Cody Daniel '15 - Communication Studies Major

"Majoring in communication is my personal path of self-discovery. It enables me to foster an in-depth understanding about myself and also, in larger terms, how people interact with one another. With communication, I learn what I see, I see what I learn, and reflect on what I know everyday. How can you not love a discipline that enlightens you about yourself and explains the plethora of happenings around you?"
- Melany Le’18 - Communication Studies Major

"Communication Studies was my intended major when I decided to come to Wooster, and after 2 years at the college, my decision has never changed. I love Communication Studies because it is a great major for anyone who has different interests like me. You will see communication is essential and applicable in almost every field. With one major, you could apply what you have learned to your everyday life and multiple career tracks."
- Khue Hoang’ 17 - Communication Studies Major

"I chose to be a Communication Studies major because it is a broad discipline that has provided me with a range of opportunities for the future. A degree in Communication Studies has allowed me to engage in an interdisciplinary curriculum that explores human interactions in many different contexts. It is the perfect major for students with diverse interests who are looking to develop the interpersonal and analytical skills necessary to be successful in a variety of professional careers."
- Stephanie Woodring '15 - Communication Studies & Economics Major

"I really do love the CSD major for its tight-knit feel. The professors and students are all working toward the same goal of learning and growing. I can feel a true sense of community among everyone involved. The professors truly are there to help the students from the very first introductory course, all the way through I.S. I love that!"
- Lena Grace Smith '16 - Communication Studies Major

"I chose Communication Sciences and Disorders and Communication Studies as soon as I met the professors within the department, who made me feel right at home. Wishart Hall is like a second home, tucked away in the corner of campus, with a group of professors and students who truly care about what I am doing on a daily basis. Communication is essential in what defines us as humans, and studying the different aspects of communication in a comfortable environment could not be any better for me as a major."
- Zachary Moore’16 - Communication Sciences and Disorders & Communication Studies Major