Noah Golovan headshot

APEX Fellowship | Noah Golovan

Major: Political Science, Philosophy Class Year: 2023 Organization: Stow Municipal Court Hospital Interning at Stow Municipal Court House, I will be assisting the bailiff […]

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APEX Fellowship | Zineb Sair

Majors: Political Science and Economics Class Year: 2023 Organization: Jubilee USA Network As an intern at Jubilee USA where I will be a policy associate. […]

Thomas Pitney

APEX Fellowship | Thomas Pitney

Majors: Political Science and French & Francophone Studies Class Year: 2024 Organization: Town of Shrewsbury As an intern for the Town Manager of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, […]

Victoria Silva '23

The College of Wooster Department of Theatre and Dance presents student theatre production

The College of Wooster’s Department of Theatre and Dance will present Third World, written and directed by senior Victoria Silva ’23 on Oct. 28 […]

Noah Golovan ’23

Judicial responsibilities of political science and philosophy double major showcase inner workings of court 

Noah Golovan ’23, a political and philosophy double major at The College of Wooster witnessed the atmosphere of the legal field first-hand this summer. […]

Thomas Pitney ’24

Political science and French & francophone studies double major helps the town of Shrewsbury initiate  a climate action plan

Thomas Pitney ’24, a political science and French & francophone studies double major at The College of Wooster, highlighted everyday administrators’ importance towards issues […]

protests on issues of racial justice in downtown Wooster

Political science Prof. Désirée Weber works successfully with local agencies, Wooster alumnus to promote progressive local policy changes

Today marks two years since the murder of George Floyd, which precipitated one of the largest racial justice movements in American history. Since June […]

Shankar Bhat

Healthy Democracy, Healthy Citizens: Examining how the Quality of Democracy Impacted the Public Health Responses in South Africa’s HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Name: Shankar Bhat Majors: Political Science Advisors: Dr. Michele Leiby Democracies are understood to improve the responsiveness of leaders to citizen needs due to […]

Head shot for Riley Smith

Add Women and Stir: The Effect of Female Mentorship on Women’s Law School Experiences

Name: Riley Smith Major: Political Science-US National Politics Minor: German Studies Advisors: Dr. Angie Bos, Désirée Weber (second reader) This study examines the effect […]

Hannah Groetsch

Setting the Stage for Representation: Women Candidates and Moderators’ Impact on the Prevalence of Women’s Issues in Presidential Primary Debates

Name: Hannah Groetsch Major: Political Science: U.S. National Politics Minor: English Advisors: Dr. Angela Bos, Dr. Avram Muñoz (second reader) This Independent Study explores […]

Emily Todd

The Impact of the Securitization of Children and Armed Conflict in the United Nations Security Council on the United Nations System

Name: Emily Todd Major: Political Science: International Relations Minor: Psychology Advisor: Dr. Kent Kille This study explores the interactions between securitization, human security, the […]

“Why Not a Woman?”: A Study of How the Media Portrays Women Vice Presidential Candidates

Name: Abigail McFarren Major: Political Science—U.S. National Politics Focus Minor: History Advisors: Dr. Angie Bos, Dr. Dr. Avi Muñoz (Second Reader) The purpose of […]

Play Like a Girl: Examining the Stigma of Women’s Health and Menstruation in Sports

Name: Rachel Marie Osterhouse Major: Sociology Minor: Political Science Advisors: Thomas Tierney, Setsuko Matsuzawa This research paper examines the stigma surrounding women’s health and […]

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A Break From 538: A Study On The Expansion Of The House Of Representatives In Electoral College Reform And Its Relationship To The Popular Vote

Name: Philip Gray Major: Political Science Minor: History Advisors: Professor Angie Bos, Professor Bas Van Doorn This study tested if increasing the size of […]

What Girls Do: Girls’ Political Participation Reflected in Contemporary Young Adult Literature

Name: Carly McWilliams Majors: Political Science, English Advisors: Dr. Angie Bos, Dr. Jessica Cowing While young adult (YA) novels have always incorporated political themes, […]

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Boolean Modeling of the Interactions Between Inflammation, Hypoxia, and the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT)

Name: Ian Zonfa Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Minor: Political Science Advisors: Erzsébet Regan, Mark Snider (second reader) Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, cancer has […]

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Desperate Democrats in the Reagan Revolution: A Party Determined to Win the White House

Name: Matthew Akins Majors: Political Science, History Advisors: Dr. Bas van Doorn, Dr. Jordan Biro-Walters Bill Clinton’s 1992 election to the presidency as a […]

head shot of emily pfau

Handwriting Recognition System: Comparative Analysis of Artificial Neural Network and Convolutional Neural Network Models

Name: Emily Pfau Major: Computer Science Minor: Political Science Advisor: Kowshik Bhowmik Handwriting recognition has been a challenging research area with many functions in everyday life. […]

Spencer Gaitsch

Misconceptions in Parallel: Belligerent Perceptions of Mediator Bias in the Chinese Civil War

Name: Spencer Gaitsch Majors: History, Political Science Advisor: Dr. Christina Welsch, Dr. Matthew Krain Scholars have long studied intrastate conflict mediation efforts, third-party intervention, […]

Saralee Renick

Will You Accept this Rose?: The Representation of Black Women on The Bachelorette Seasons 13 and 18

Name: Saralee Renick Major: Sociology Minor: Political Science Advisors: Michael Miyawaki, Heather Fitz Gibbon The purpose of this Senior Independent Study is to understand […]