Knots, Nots, and Loops

Head shot of Leah Wilcox

Name: Leah Wilcox
Major: Mathematics
Minor: French and Francophone Studies
Advisor: Dr. Robert Kelvey

Knot theory is a vast branch of mathematics, one that has majorly influenced various disciplines and other STEM fields. This paper details some of the basics of knot theory including distinguishing between knots and classifying various knot. It highlights a few of the many applications of knot theory and explores and expands on games created by Dr. Allison Henrich such as To Knot or Not to Knot. Within the exploration of To Knot or Not to Knot, it provides generalized winning strategies for a few different types of knots. It also provides the beginnings of a three-player game that is rooted in the rules of a few of Henrich’s many knotty games.

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4 responses to “Knots, Nots, and Loops”

  1. Jen Bowen says:

    Terrific poster, Leah! This was a very fun IS for me to read. I really appreciate your investigation of extending Henrich’s games to three players. Congratulations!

  2. Anabelle Andersen says:

    I can’t imagine you knot being in my life! It’s wonderful to see your hard work all tied up so nicely. Jokes aside I am grateful to know you and so proud of your IS project!

  3. Tracy Cosgriff says:

    This is a seriously cool project, Leah! Warm congratulations on an interesting and creative I.S.!

  4. Aleks Kowalchuk says:

    I never knew knots could be so interesting.

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