2017-2018 Inductees
Class of 2017 Inducted Last Year
Makenzie Julia AdkinsAlexandra Rose ElchertLeandra Suzanne Forte
Caroline Leigh HeydHannah Marie HicksEmily Ann Howerton
Angelo Joseph MelariPreston Bryce PozderacHaley Anne Rossiter
Laura Ashley ShererHelen Grace SiegelHerbert Joseph Housel Sizek
Harrison Michael UhallGina Brooke WilliamsonMichael Spengler Wolff
Class of 2017 Inductees
Camille Klimas BouffordKathryn Ann CameronRachel Simone Castle
Louisa Marbury Coy DallettGinelle Ann Doerr *Katharine More Everett
Anne Sarah FriedDylan Charles HamiltonAnnette Elizabeth Hilton
Kirstin Marie HolmLinnea Louise JohnsonBrenda Khor
Jacob David KowallNell Kathlyn KrahnkeSanjana Kumbhani *
Sarah Elizabeth MarosiSarah Madeline McGrathGreta Nicole Minor
Sophie Miranda MinorRobin Miles-Paul MorilloKhoa Le Tue Nguyen
Kerry Anne O'ConnorRansom Lewis Patterson *Thang Ba Pham *
Jake Wyatt PolsterLindsay Lee RobinsonHarrison Skylar Ruprecht
Marie Evelyn SheehanBethany Katharine SmithTsun Ki Jerrick To
Scott Dylan WagnerJessica Maria WatersAlexandra Marie Wendt
Alisha Diane WiesAvery Charles WilsonStuart Bertram Young
Class of 2018 Inductees
Maria Teresa AtalaJennifer Renee BeckleySara Mia Beckstrom
Brandon Blake BellJunyi ChenKatherine Marie Mandych
Trenton Edward PfisterMatthew James PleshingerAvi Vajpeyi
Emily Rose Velichka  
2015-2016 Inductees

PBK Prize Winner 2016

Madeleine Grace O’Neill is a major in Political Science from Edinboro, Pennsylvania. Her Senior Independent Study thesis is entitled “Microaggressions, Trigger Warnings, and the Fight to Redefine Free Speech: An Analysis of the Judiciary’s Response to Campus Speech Codes Through Liberal and Communitarian Perspectives.” This project seeks to understand the legal and moral implications of free speech rights for university faculty and students in the contentious political environment of the 21st Century. The Editor-in-Chief of the Wooster Voice from 2014-2016, Madeleine is also the captain of the nationally renowned College of Wooster Moot Court team. A member of the team for the past three years, Madeleine has won a number of Moot Court awards at both the regional and national levels, including a first place finish at the Great Lakes Moot Court Regional Tournament, a fourth place finish at the national American Collegiate Moot Court Association Brief Writing Competition, and reaching the quarterfinals at the national American Collegiate Moot Court Association competition. Madeleine finished her undergraduate moot court career with the John D. Fackler Debate Award for the most effective debater at the College of Wooster. Following graduation, Madeleine will be employed as a courts reporter for the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pennsylvania, covering county, district, and federal court cases.

Members of Class of 2016 Inducted Last Year
Emily Lynne BairdMatthew Aaron LobergDana Anastasia Stamos
Kiera Wynsum DobbsJames Edward MayBenjamin Bradley Taylor
Nicholas Martin FlanneryMadeleine Grace O’NeillMichael Joseph Williams
Maggie Erin LankfordLena Grace Smith 
Class of 2016 Inductees
Kristin Marie AllanLogan Lorayne HoneaParoma Palchoudhuri
Masha Miriam BermanEric Thomas HubbardJennifer Marie Pilat
Caroline Grace BreulCarly Alexandra JoliatBrittany Allison Previte
Clare Therese CarlsonSarah Emily KendrickWilliam Frederick Rial
Anna Claire ClaspyRobin Susannah Klaus*Jade Lee Robison
Sheamus Gregory DaltonMarissa Morgan KobylasNatalie Renee Shreeve
Emily Cathleen DonatoRachel Laura Lorch*Jordan Elizabeth Shremshock*
Kristen Erin EstabrookAmy Louise MelenaKe Song
Kathryn Ann FosterKieran Rose MundyGillian Kathryn Spangler
Abigail Leanne FrankEmma Woods NathansonSarah Elizabeth Van Oss*
Anjela Janai GalimbertiJonathan Edward NuttAngela Marie Wiley
Tess Alexandra Henthorne  
Class of 2017 Inductees
Makenzie Julia AdkinsSanjana Kumbhani†Helen Grace Siegel
Ginelle Ann Doerr†Angelo Joseph MelariHerbert Joseph Housel Sizek
Alexandra Rose ElchertRansom Lewis Patterson†Harrison Michael Uhall
Leandra Suzanne ForteThang Ba Pham†Gina Brooke Williamson
Caroline Leigh HeydPreston Bryce PozderacMichael Spengler Wolff
Hannah Marie HicksHaley Anne Rossiter 
Emily Ann HowertonLaura Ashley Sherer 

* indicates a student elected as a Junior
† indicates a student who will be inducted as a Senior

2014-2015 Inductees

PBK Prize Winners 2015

Jacob Boca is a double major in Trumpet Performance and Music Theory from Meadville, Pennsylvania. His Independent Study in music theory is entitled “Metamorphosis and Persona in Ned Rorem’s Poems of Love and the Rain.” This thesis analyzes text-music relationships as they relate to various aural manifestations of an implied emotional transformation said to be occurring in a vocal persona that serves as this song cycle’s dramatic subject. For his Independent Study in performance, Jacob gave a recital featuring the music of Johann Fasch, Joseph Haydn, Edvard Grieg, and Eugene Bozza. This fall, he will begin a master’s program in Trumpet Performance at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Music. In addition to his performance studies, Jacob will also serve as a graduate assistant to the Department of Music Theory at CMU where he will be a teaching and research assistant to Dr. John Paul Ito.

Morgan Hughes is an Anthropology and Studio Art double major from Chico, California. Her Independent Study project is entitled “The Canyon as Home: Accessing Food, Water, Education and Employment in the Former Tijuana Municipal Dump.” The study combines ethnographic research methods and art to explore the resources available to a community currently residing in the Canyon, a former landfill in Mexico. Through semi-structured interviews and participant observation, Morgan worked with Canyon residents to construct a visual record of experiences and everyday life. Following graduation, Morgan will travel to Malaysia to teach English under a Fulbright grant.

Members of Class of 2015 Inducted Last Year
Jacob Logan BocaRachelle Pearl HerrinMichael Edward Ohsfeldt
Rachelle Lee BrennerMorgan Elise HughesJoseph Richard Harrison Smith
Chelsea Renae FreyCara Elizabeth JacobAmanda Lynn Steinhebel
Ryan Taylor GrowNicole Candace Marton 
Class of 2015 Inductees
Erin Elizabeth Andrews-SharerErin Elizabeth HodsonClaire McNaught Ramey
Jennifer Lynn BarrordAnqi Huang*Colleen Anne Robinson
Andrew David BevisGentry Jarrett KerwoodBridget M. Schmidt
Larissa Marina BranovackiCharlotte Mary KleinHannah Lee Sharfman
Teresa Annette ButelRachel Marie KorestElizabeth Mayer Somsel
Melanie Rose ChinLaura Yvette Merrell*Emily Leigh Ann Stoner
Douglas Alan CodeSusannah Patton MontgomeryJames Michael Thomas**
Brittany Ann CookAnne Christeen PartikaCarolyn Valerie Thornton
Anna-Maria Helena Cornelia CornelAudrey Graham PlattCasey Diane Wade
Shannon Marie DadeLincoln Radley Plews 
Tyler John GerwigSaul Benjamin Propp 
Class of 2016 Inductees
Emily Lynne BairdMatthew Aaron LobergLena Grace Smith
Kiera Wynsum DobbsRachel Laura Lorch†Dana Anastasia Stamos
Nicholas Martin FlanneryJames Edward MayBenjamin Bradley Taylor
Robin Susannah Klaus†Madeleine Grace O'NeillSarah Elizabeth Van Oss†
Maggie Erin LankfordJordan Elizabeth Shremshock†Michael Joseph Williams

* indicates a student elected as a Junior

**indicates a student inducted in absentia

† indicates a student who will be inducted as a Senior