Over 75 research assistant positions from a variety of disciplines are available each year for Wooster students to apply. Opportunities are available at off campus sites as well.

Sophomore Research Program

The Sophomore Research Program provides opportunities for students to work as paid research assistants to Wooster faculty members. Through this program students become true partners with faculty in the research process and acquire an understanding of the process involved in conducting research.


Students are eligible to participate in the program from the second semester of their first year through the first semester of their junior year. Sophomore Research Assistants generally work three-seven hours per week for the semester and 20-40 hours per week during the summer.

Additional benefits for participants in this program include:

  • providing excellent preparation for future academic endeavors, such as Independent Study.
  • effective orientation with using the library.
  • learning to operate new equipment and computer programs.
  • enhancing critical thinking and writing skills.
  • building positive and mentoring relationships with faculty members.
Applied Methods and Research Experience Program (AMRE)

The Applied Methods and Research Experience (AMRE) gives College of Wooster students the opportunity to apply classroom learning in the role of business and organizational consultants.

For eight weeks of the summer, student teams and faculty advisors are paired with a (usually local) business, industry, or agency (client). Student participants are exposed to practical applications of their liberal arts education in a “real world” setting. This experience aids students in determining professional interests and developing professional skills. The faculty advisors have the opportunity to be involved with a very select group of students in a summer activity, while potentially contributing to research in applied fields. Clients have the opportunity to tangibly support education and, at a low cost, obtain solutions to problems that would most likely not be addressed internally.

The Experience includes:

  • 8 weeks research experience
  • Paid stipend of approximately $4,400
  • Open to all majors
  • Students work with a team of students and a faculty member to consult businesses. Past clients have included Rubbermaid Inc., J.M. Smucker, and Goodyear Tire & Rubber

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AMRE Projects

graphic with information on the College of Wooster Experiential Learning Showcase

Wooster Experiential Learning Showcase set for Friday, Nov. 5

The College of Wooster will conduct its annual Experiential Learning Showcase on Friday, Nov. 5 as students who served as APEX Fellows or on […]


Students and faculty team up to help local community adapt to climate change

As Northeast Ohioans along with people around the world live through unprecedented levels of natural disasters due to climate change, students and faculty at […]

Vedica Jha '18 at the Kauke Arch in 2019

Biology and math alumna co-founds startup

Vedica Jha ’18 credits Wooster’s support system for preparing her to create talent-finding platform, ProMytheUs

AMRE team for Arts and Culture project

Wooster students complete arts & culture district feasibility study for Wooster community

Student research through AMRE program offers insights on economic impact and city planning

Wooster Arts and Culture District Team

AMRE | Wooster Arts and Culture District

Feasibility and Economic Impact Study Brandon Charles ’22, Economics and Computer Science Katie Harvey ’21, Global & International Studies Andreas Xenofontos ’22, Economics Advisors: […]

AMRE Team’s Economic Impact Study on Habitat for Humanity to be Utilized for Capital Campaign

Wooster students Will McCullough, Tabitha Skornik-Hayes quantified the economic and social impact of local Habitat

Emily Howerton

Applying Wooster experiences to respond to the coronavirus threat

Math and philosophy alumna develops models to aid in decision making

Alex Hwang

International student promotes Wooster experience

Alex (Hyong-gu) Hwang ’20 contributed to a South Korean publication about liberal arts colleges

Wooster Digital History Project (WDHP)

The goals of the Wooster Digital History Project are: to create engaging digital resources in local history for Wooster and Wayne County; to give students the opportunity to learn and apply techniques of public history and digital humanities; and to connect the College and the community through local history.

The Experience includes:

  • 7-8 weeks research experience in public history and digital humanities
  •  Part-time and full time positions, paid stipend
  •  Open to all majors

For more information contact Greg Shaya or Katie Holt

Physics Department NSF-REU

All of Wooster’s physics faculty are actively engaged in research involving undergraduates. During the academic year, our focus is on the College’s nationally-recognized Independent Study program. Every summer since 1994, we have also run a 8 to 10 week summer research program, currently funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

The Experience includes:

  • 9 weeks research experience
  • Paid stipend of approximately $6,500

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