Minor in International Business Economics at The College of Wooster

This unique program started in the 1980s gives students who major in a non-English language a chance to build skills in business and economics to prepare for a career in an international setting. To navigate and operate in complex international and global business institutions, student must understand multiple cultures, their particular histories, languages, linguistics, and rhetoric as well as basic business principles.

Students must elect a non-anglophone language/cultural major to complete this minor. They must complete all courses required for the major in their language or cultural area studies area of choice while taking on the coursework for the minor in international business economics. Students are encouraged to connect language or culture to a business-related issue in their senior independent study thesis.


Sookti Chaudhary portrait

Sookti Chaudhary

Assistant Professor of Economics & Business Economics; Environmental Studies


Joe Histen

Matthew (Joe) Histen

James R. Wilson Chair and Assistant Professor of Economics & Business Economics


Brooke Krause

Brooke Krause

Assistant Professor of Economics & Business Economics; Global & International Studies


Melanie Long

Melanie Long

Assistant Professor of Economics & Business Economics


Moses Luri

Moses Luri

Assistant Professor of Economics and Data Analytics


Philip Mellizo

Philip Mellizo

Associate Professor and Department Chair of Economics; Business Economics


Amyaz A. Moledina

Amyaz Moledina

Associate Professor of Economics & Business Economics; Global and International Studies; Co-Founder of Social Entrepreneurship Program


Cathy Roche

Cathy Roche

Adjunct Instructor of Economics & Business Economics

Mary Spencer

Mary Spencer

Administrative Coordinator, Notary Public - Economics and Business Economics, Education, Psychology


Huiting Tian

Huiting Tian

Assistant Professor of Economics and Business Economics


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To obtain the minor, students should take the following courses that build competence in economic and business fundamentals:

  • Economics 101, Economics 110, and Business Economics 119
  • One course from Economics 251, 254, and 350.
  • Two courses from Business Economics 227, 230, 250, 325, 355, 365, and 370.

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Independent Study

All students at The College of Wooster complete at least two semesters of independent study under the guidance of a faculty mentor, culminating in a thesis delivered in the spring of their senior year.

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