What are the career and graduate school options for Spanish majors?

Proficiency in another language is an asset in many career fields. At Wooster, graduates in Spanish have gone on to graduate and professional schools and careers in business, education, government, and nonprofit organizations.  Language study also expands student options for internships and research opportunities, and students at The College of Wooster can take advantage of opportunities through College partnerships before and after graduation.

Spanish at The College of Wooster

Wooster has a thriving environment for language majors, with the highest percentage of international students at any college or university in Ohio and strong support for study abroad. Language courses are a major focus, but students also delve deeply into the histories, literatures, cultures, and linguistic practices of Spanish-speaking countries.

Language learning outside the classroom

The Department of Spanish sponsors a language suite in Luce Hall, where qualified students live for a full academic year with a native speaker of Spanish and immerse themselves in the language and culture. The Spanish House, or La Casa Hispánica, hosts weekly events open to the campus at large.

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Spanish students usually study off campus in the fall and/or spring of their junior year. Some also study off campus during their sophomore year if their abilities in written and spoken Spanish are high enough to warrant acceptance into a program. Regardless of when you choose to study in a Spanish-speaking country, you must plan carefully to complete all of the College’s graduation requirements in the prescribed four years. Programs endorsed by Wooster automatically transfer credit and financial aid.

Faculty & Staff

Osmer Balam

Osmer Balam

Gillespie Visiting Professor of Spanish


Cynthia D. Bernardy

Cynthia D. Bernardy

Academic Administrative Coordinator of Chinese Studies, Classical Studies, Comparative Literature, English, French & Francophone, German, Global Media & Digital Studies/Film, Russian, Spanish, and CoursEval/EvaluationKIT/Course Evaluations & Surveys (CE&S)


Head shot of Camila Castro

Camila Castro

Spanish Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant

Brian Cope

Brian J. Cope

Associate Professor and Department Chair of Spanish


Aída Díaz de León

Aída Díaz de León

Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish


Rebecca Garonzik

Rebecca Garonzik

Assistant Professor of Spanish; Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (on leave Fall 2022)


Hernam Medina Jimenez

Hernán Medina Jiménez

Associate Professor of Spanish; Global and International Studies; Latin American Studies


Cynthia Palmer

Cynthia Palmer

Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies


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Eleven courses in Spanish are required to complete a major, and students have a large variety of language, literature, and history courses from which to choose.

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A minor in Spanish can serve as a great supplement to almost any major, and can give students an added perspective in the fields of history, political science, economics, sociology, and more. Six department courses are required to complete a minor.

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Independent Study

With the support of the faculty, students in Spanish have done research in such wide-ranging fields as theater and dance, bilingual education, social and economic issues, political developments in Spain and Latin America, language-teaching methodology, literature, and intercultural communication. The I.S. program is exciting for both faculty and students because our students are encouraged to explore new fields where they can feel comfortable and committed.



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Spanish majors at Wooster have excelled in a variety of fields after graduation. Many choose to enter the field of education, and a number of them hold positions as language teachers at the high school and middle school level.

Other Spanish majors from Wooster have taken such positions as application coordinator with the American Institute for Foreign Study, independent consultant at the Center for Technology Education at Johns Hopkins University, and bilingual educator in the Chicago public school system.

The added dimension of fluency in Spanish provided by the exceptional curricular and creative programs at Wooster has given graduates a decided advantage when entering the fields of business, industry, education, and government.

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Prizes & Scholarships

Roland H. del Mar Prize in Spanish

Established in 1973, the del Mar Prize is given annually at commencement to the graduating senior with highest achievement as a major in Latin-American studies, conducted in the Spanish or Portuguese language.

The Ricardo Valencia Prize for Excellence in the Department of Spanish

The Valencia Prize was established in 1974 and is awarded annually to the major in the Department of Spanish who, in the judgment of the department’s staff, has done the best work in the department’s three areas. First preference is given to a junior, and the prize is meant to be used to purchase materials needed for Senior Independent Study.