Live Action Role Play Club (LARP)

Student Activities

Lowry Center

1189 Beall Ave.

Wooster, OH 44691

Phone: 330-263-2062

Live Action Role Play or LARP Club is designed to give students and other community members a cooperative creative outlet. Where anyone can engage in role play in the context of actual props and adventures. Our mission is to run and organize weekly LARP sessions in which members play characters of their own creations, and work together to solve problems usually within a fantasy magical setting. These characters interactions are governed by the real time decisions, actions, and conversations that you have in their guise. The purpose of this group is to provide a fun creative place where people who enjoy role playing can come and blow off steam, find others who also enjoy role playing and maybe even get a little bit of exercise in the bargain. We are entirely non-restrictive and aim for simplicity of rules and availability of all skill levels entering and playing at their own pace.


President: William Santella

Treasurer: Allison Lemay

Social Media Chair: Louis Schwartz

Advisor: Scott Schwarzwalder