Bradlee Elizabeth Hartmann

Rednecks, Hillbillies, and White Trash in the Living Room: A Rhetorical Analysis of Reality Television’s Construction of Appalachian Regional Identity

Name: Bradlee Elizabeth Hartman Major: Communication Studies Minor: English Advisors: Dr. Rohini S. Singh Reality television is one of America’s guiltiest pleasures because it […]

Kamron Knowlton portrait

The Synthesis of Bio-Based Degradable Super Absorbent Polymers Through Employment of Multimetallic Catalysts

Student Name: Kamron Knowlton Major: Chemistry Advisor: Lilliana S. Morris Polymers are an ever growing part of our daily lives through their brief product […]

Paige Clay

SNAPPED: Examining how Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Participation and Food Access Impact Health Outcomes Among Low- income/Low-access (LILA) Populations in Georgia

Student Name: Paige Clay Majors: Political Science, Africana Studies Advisor: Avi Munoz, Fiacre Bienvenu The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the leading food […]

Brittany Leyda

The Bees’ Needs: Dietary Additives as a Method to Reduce Pesticide Toxicity in Honey Bees

Student Name: Brittany Leyda Major: Biology Minor: Spanish Advisors: Dr. Laura Sirot, Dr. Reed Johnson, Dr. Stephen Ferguson Dr. Melissa M. Schultz Sustainability and […]

Investigation of Fire Propagation using Discrete Tree Simulations

Student Name: Handeul Son Major: Physics Minor: Mathematics Advisor: Niklas Manz & Cody Leary Click here to view Handeul’s presentation. (NOTE: A Wooster login […]

Bright Moon in Mountain Wind

Student Name: Yuqi (Amanda) Han Majors: Chinese Studies, Biology Advisor: Ziying You & Mark Graham Best Creative Exploration Award The danmei, called tanbi in […]

A Case of Heartburn: Replicating the Heart’s Electrical Signals with Fire

Student Name: Craig Klumpp Major: Physics Advisor: Niklas Manz, Susan Lehman Typically, when someone mentions fire, a person’s first thought is that of a […]

Megan Fisher

Creating an Event Horizon Analogue using the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction

Student Name: Megan Fisher Major: Physics Minor: Mathematics Advisor: Dr. Niklas Manz, Dr. John Lindner (second reader) The purpose of this thesis was to […]

Identity Effects of Female Rap Artists

Student Name: Kobe Matesic Major: Communication Studies Advisors: Melissa Rizzo Weller, Michelle Johnson This study aimed to understand the relationship and influence between certain […]

Rachel Backstrom

Antidepressant Effects of Sleep Deprivation Chronotherapy in Male and Female Sprague-Dawley Rats

Student Name: Rachel Backstrom Major: Neuroscience Minor: Biology Advisor: Dr. Amy Jo Stavnezer Major depressive disorder (MDD) affects a wide range of people and, […]

Hannah Lane-Davies

Birth Work, Reproductive Justice, and Communities of Care

Student Name: Hannah Lane-Davies Majors: Anthropology, Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Advisor: Dr. Christa Craven; Second reader: Dr. Tom Tierney Caring for pregnant and […]

Camryn Rosenstein

Breaking News: Sustainable Fashion is In & Fast Fashion is Out; Constructions of Sustainable Consumption in Fast Fashion Advertising

Student Name: Camryn Rosenstein Major: Communication Studies Advisors: Dr. Nii Nikoi & Dr. Ahmet Atay Dr. Melissa M. Schultz Sustainability and the Environment Award […]

Matt Olszewski

The Effects of Masculinity and Attachment Style on Perceptions of School Shooters and the Prevention of School Shootings

Student Name: Matt Olszewski Major: Psychology Minor: Spanish Advisor: Dr. Mike Casey; Second reader: Dr. Ashley Abraham Attachment research has largely focused on the […]

Sarah Duran

"Love is a Bulletproof Vest": Protest as an Exploration of Women’s Right to the City

Student Name: Sarah Duran Major: Sociology Advisor: Heather Fitz Gibbon Utilizing interviews, participant observation, and documentary photography, this study investigates how women claim their […]

Will McCullough

The Great Outdoors, Indoors: An Evaluation of Green Spaces and Housing Prices in Pittsburgh, PA

Student Name: Will McCullough Major: Economics Minor: Psychology Advisor: Dr. Moses Luri Green spaces, or public parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields, are a community […]

Paradoxical Descriptions of Divine Beings

Student Name: Tiago Garcia Ferrer Majors: English, Religious Studies Advisors: Bhakti Mamtora & Bryan Alkemeyer Most Joyful Award Within almost every mythology on earth […]

Isabella Ilievski

Social Dependent, Independent Learners and Their Online Learning

Student Name: Isabella Ilievski Majors: Psychology, Education Advisor: Dr. Michelle Colvin The recent increase of online learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred […]

Chloe Burdette

The “Shut Up and Dribble” Conundrum: A Qualitative Cyber Ethnographic Analysis of LeBron James’ and Stephen Curry’s Social Media Activism on The Black Lives Matter Movement and Low-Income Education

Student Name: Chloe Burdette Major: Communication Studies Minor: Global Media and Digital Studies Advisor: Dr. Rob Razzante, Second Reader: Dr. Ahmet Atay The purpose […]

Parents, Is It Your Fault? Effects of Familial Variables and Emotional Intelligence on Disordered Eating Habits and Attitudes

Student Name: Joelle Lau Major: Psychology Minor: Earth Sciences Advisor: Susan Clayton Literature on eating disorders acknowledges the importance family influences have on its […]

Abby Cunningham

The Influence of Gender Stereotypes on Perceptions of Gender Non-Binary Individuals

Name: Abby Cunningham Major: Psychology Advisor: Dr. Amber Garcia Previous research indicates that gender stereotypes can impact people’s perceptions of mental health. However, there […]