Ruth W. Williams Greenhouse

Welcome to Ibby’s Place!

Plant life in greenhouse

The top floor of the Ruth W. Williams Hall of Life Science houses a four-season greenhouse to support teaching and research at the College of Wooster. The greenhouse is named ‘Ibby’s Place’ in memory of Dr. Elizabeth ‘Ibby’ Coyle, Danforth Professor of Biology and teacher of Botany from 1926-1972. Daily operations and equipment for the greenhouse are made possible through a generous donation from Paul and Carol Lamberger, members of the class of 1959 and 1960, respectively, and their son, David Lamberger, class of 1992.

The greenhouse has three separate climate-controlled chambers, a plant potting area, and storage space. Each greenhouse chamber has moveable benches, an irrigation system, a heating and cooling system, and supplemental lighting. To find out more information about the greenhouse plants, conducting research or teaching in the greenhouse, or to contact members of the Greenhouse Advisory Board, please visit: