Independent Study


The Independent Study requirement at Wooster provides a chance for students to pursue in depth a topic of their own choosing, with the one-on-one guidance of a faculty member from their chosen home department and subject area.

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Recent I.S. Projects

The China-related topics on which students did research include:

  • Viewing the 'Other' in China; Ethnic Minorities in Chinese Films (Katherine Kelly, '11)
  • 环保话语 and Umweltdiskurs: A Critical Analysis of Chinese and German Environmental Discourse (Jessica Whale, '10)
  • Filial Piety Understood from a Multicultural Perspective (Haley Jung, '09)
  • Shared Humanity and the Collective Unconscious: A Comparative Review of Chinese and American Myths and Legends (Jesse Hoselton, '09)
  • Queer Subculture in 21st-century China (Amanda Rose McCreight, '07)
  • Artisans of the Bedchamber: Concubines of the Tang dynasty (Kara Gongaware, '07)
  • The Silence of Women in China (Brittany Wellner, ’05 Art)
  • The Effect of the Internet on Chinese Democracy Movements (Jeffrey Dickson, ’03 Political Science)
  • Japanese Atrocities During the Rape of Nanjing (Meghan Roberts, ’03 History)
  • Illegal Chinese Immigrants in the U.S. (Amy Lam, ’01 History)
  • The Impact of American Presidential Debates on Taiwan Independence Movement (Elizabeth Gill, ’00 Cultural Area Studies)
  • American Missionaries in China ( Jonathan Seitz, ’98 History)
  • Zen Poetry and Chinese Buddhism (Ted Burger, ’98 Religious Studies)