Independent Study

English 300: Junior Independent Study

English 300 is a seminar for junior majors entitled "Perspectives and Methods of Independent Study" and designed to help students understand contemporary approaches to the study of language, texts and culture, and gain familiarity with pertinent bibliographies, periodicals, and other sources.  The course emphasizes the choice and development of the students' own critical stances through a writing project designed to help them clarify their own goals and assumptions.

English 451, 452: Senior Independent Study Thesis

English 451, 452 is a two-course senior experience that allows English majors a unique and creative approach to Wooster's Independent Study. Students define their projects with the help of an adviser who meets weekly with each student during the course of the project. Projects range widely, reflecting the diversity and creative imagination of the department's students and faculty, and have included:

  • literary analyses
  • collections of short stories and poems
  • novellas
  • news writing
  • film studies
  • magazines
  • creative non-fiction and memoir

Watch and listen to Class of 2012 English major IS presentations (found at Digital Resource Commons).