Physics ClubThe Physics Club intends to raise awareness and bring enthusiasm of scientific events and the importance of science in daily life on campus, and to provide an informal setting in which students interested in physics may congregate and build community. The organization also hopes to provide people interested in physics with a platform where they can build connections through faculty, staff and alum as well as professionals from other institutions and organizations. The organization also strives to promote an awareness of physics within the college through on-campus events, as well as in the surrounding Wooster community through various outreach programs from elementary school visits to Science Day. In our efforts to accomplish these goals, we shall abide by the Code of Social Responsibility as stated in the Scots Key.

SMART goals:

  1. Increase attendance of both the community at large and the College of Wooster community.
    at Science Day.
  2. Resuming outreach activities in order to bring Physics to the community at Wooster.
  3. Have more non STEM (and more specifically non Physics) majors involved in physics club, events, and table.
  4. Ensuring the needs and concerns of the marginalized communities on-campus are identified and addressed and they are properly represented. So that they can feel welcomed in the physics department.
  5. Collaborate with other student organizations and offices on-campus to encourage students to use available resources in order to succeed in physics.


  • Science Day – A collaborative event between the campus STEM clubs to provide fun science demonstrations for the college and greater Wooster community.
  • Community Outreach – Club members visit the local elementary schools a few days a week and provide physics demonstrations for the children.
  • Luce Dinner – An open house dinner at the start of each fall semester.
  • Taylor Bowl – An annual bowling competition between the physics and math clubs.
  • Colloquium events – A variety of guest speakers and alumni come to Taylor Hall each semester to present about their career, research, and opportunities in physics.
  • Movies – The physics club screens one science/science fiction movie a semester.
  • The University Physics Competition – Students work in teams over a 48 hour period to solve difficult real-world physics problems, applying the knowledge from their coursework and developing research skills. The previous two years, teams have earned silver and bronze metals.
  • Carnegie Museum Field trip

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