How Minority Candidates’ Intersectional Identities Affect Their Use of Race and Gender Issue Ownership Campaign Strategies

Student: Emma Cotter Major: Political Science Minor: History Advisors: Dr. Angie Bos, Dr. Àlvaro Corral This thesis explores how a candidate’s intersectional identity affects […]

Mother Nature and Menvironmental Politics: How Gendered Frames Affect Support for the Clean Air Act

Student: Grace Montgomery Major: Political Science Advisor: Professor Angela Bos My I.S. examines whether and how gendered frames shape public support for the Clean […]

Abby Donohue

Thoughts and Prayers or Policy and Action?: The Role Interest Groups Play in State Firearm Legislation

Student: Abby Donohue Major: Political Science Minor: History Advisors: Dr. Bas van Doorn, Dr. Angela Bos This project investigates the variance in gun control […]

M Roski

Building Multilateral Military Coalitions: A Study of Bribery and Coercion in Controversial Military Interventions

Student: Marina Rae Roski Major: Political Science with an International Relations Focus Minor: Economics Advisors: Jeff Lantis, Sid Simpson This study focuses on the […]

Robin Perry

"Let It Be" An Examination of the Supreme Court’s Impact on Liberal Abortion Discourse in Ohio and Kentucky Newspapers

Student: Robin Perry Major: Political Science Minor: History Advisors: Angie Bos, Bas van Doorn This I.S. explores the impact of the Supreme Court decisions […]

Anna Medema

Arguing Over America’s Best Idea: Examining the Congressional Partisan Divide with Regard to Public Lands Policy

Students: Anna Medema Major: Political Science Minor: Environmental Studies Advisors: Dr. Bas van Doorn, Dr. Angela Bos This Independent Study investigates the effect of […]

The Effect of the Status of Women on Sexual Violence Against Women

Student: Emily Davis Major: Political Science Advisors: Dr. Michele Leiby, Dr. Fiacre Bienvenu Sexual violence is an atrocious phenomenon that affects women all over […]

Nicholas Shereikis

Laughing Matters: Late-Night Political Comedy Television & Individual-Level Affective Polarization

Student: Nicholas Shereikis Majors: Political Science, Communication Studies Advisors: Angela Bos, Denise Bostdorff This study considers the effects of consuming late-night political humor on […]

Jeffery Lantis

Lantis’ New Book Focuses on Influence of Extreme Factions Within Political Parties

Wooster faculty member a co-author of “The Battle for U.S. Foreign Policy”

Bos’ Pioneering Study Reveals Opinions on the Presidency Begin at an Early Age

Wooster professor’s research on children’s views of the office of the president was first of its kind

Bos Awarded Fulbright to Study Early Political Socialization of Dutch Children

WOOSTER, Ohio – Angie Bos, associate professor of political science and associate dean for experiential learning at The College of Wooster, has been awarded […]

Global and International Studies at The College of Wooster

Mae Manupipatpong

Philosophy and political science alumna explored passion for environmental law

Mae Manupipatpong ’14 notes Wooster community surrounded her with the right people and opportunities

Remington Jackson '12

Attorney puts Wooster values to practice

Remington Jackson ’12 found an option that allowed him to play sports and be involved while building the skills needed for law school

Lauren Cohen Bell

Political science alumna receives teaching award

Administrator and professor credits Wooster with first teaching experience

Aaron Levy '16

Political Science major co-founds environmental company

Aaron Levy ’16 tailored his degree to find the intersection of environmental studies and political science

Rita Frost

Environmental studies alumna learns to focus her “interdisciplinary lens”

As advocate for social change, Rita Frost ’14 combined her majors and involvement to engage her passion

Lantis’s New Book, “Foreign Policy Advocacy and Entrepreneurship,” Covers Hot Political Topics

Released earlier this month, Wooster professor examines junior members of Congress quickly becoming influential policymakers

Annabell Hopkins

Women fighting women

Annabell Hopkins studied the evolution of arguments against the Equal Rights Amendment

Data Fest Team

Wooster Team Advances to Finals at DataFest 2019

Young competitors impress academic and industry judges