Dining Options
Unique to Wooster
Basil145 West Liberty Street330-601-0885
Broken Rocks123 East Liberty Street330-263-2949
City Square Steakhouse148 South Market Street330-262-2489
Hero House141 North Bever Street330-262-8166
Local Roots Market & Café140 South Walnut Street330-263-5336
Muddy's335 East Liberty Street330-264-2604
Olde Jaol Steakhouse & Tavern215 North Walnut Street330-262-3333
Omahoma Bob's BBQ128 South Market Street330-262-9871
Spoon Market144 West Liberty Street330-262-0880
Flamingo Jack's234 South Market Street330-601-0782
TJ's Trio359 West Liberty Street330-264-6263
Subway404 South Market Street330-262-7827
Tulipán Hungarian Pastry and Coffee Shop122 South Market Street330-264-8092
North End Wooster
Applebee's3989 Burbank Road330-345-8900
Asian Work3786 Burbank Road330-263-1006
Bob Evans3660 Burbank Road330-345-8752
Buffalo Wild Wings4122 Burbank Road330-264-2299
Chipotle4124 Burbank Road330-345-1193
El Campesino177 West Milltown Road, Unit C330-345-6263
El Tapatio3860 Cleveland Road330-601-1100
Farmer Boy2558 Cleveland Road330-345-7799
Longhorn Steakhouse4049 Burbank Road330-262-0502
Osaka Hibachi3729 Burbank Road330-601-1113
Panera Bread3934 Burbank Road330-345-8080
Starbucks3872 Burbank Road330-345-1291
Tumbleweed4147 Burbank Road330-345-1550
Wild Ginger3694 Burbank Road330-345-6388
Zoup!3991 Burbank Road330-439-5757
Popular Nearby Destinations
Bishops1638 Old Columbus Road330-601-1601
Coccia House764 Pittsburgh Avenue330-262-7136
Pine Tree Barn4374 Shreve Road330-264-1014
The Barn Restaurant877 West Main Street330-669-2555
Sweet Treats
Dari-Land Ice Cream306 West Liberty Street330-263-1700
The Faithful Little Cupcake4146 Burbank Road330-345-5005
Hartzler Family Dairy5454 Cleveland Road330-345-8190
Lemonberry Frozen Yogurt201 South Court Street330-721-0793
OH-YO! Frozen Yogurt4182 Burbank Road330-345-1012
Breweries & Wineries
H2 Wine Merchants211 South Market Street330-592-8273
JAFB120 Beall Avenue330-601-1827
Troutman Vineyards4243 South Columbus Road330-263-4345
Lodging Options
Unique to Wooster
Black Squirrel Inn636 College Avenue330-317-6627
COW PalaceQuinby Avenue 
Coxon House702 North Bever Street 330-465-5373
The Cabin at Sassafras Knoll5932 Secrest Road330-264-6941
Gasche House Bed & Breakfast340 North Bever Street330-264-8231
Hidden Valley Cabin5510 Lattasburg Road330-465-6321
Huckleberry Suites150 West Liberty Street330-828-6513
Market Street Inn356 North Market Street330-262-4085
Meg’s Lucky Buckeye623 N. Buckeye Street 
Mirabelle Bed & Breakfast1626 Beall Avenue330-264-6006
Scots Corner222 E. Henrietta Street415-830-1644
St. Paul Hotel203 South Market Street330-601-1900
Westminster Bed and Breakfast353 E. Pine Street330-263-2398
National Chains
Best Western243 East Liberty Street330-264-7750
Comfort Suites965 Dover Road, Wooster330-439-0190
Days Inn789 East Milltown Road330-439-5749
Hampton Inn4253 Burbank Road330-345-4424
Hilton Garden Inn959 Dover Road330-202-7701
Holiday Inn Express & Suites128 Riffel Road330-601-1221