Why major in Global & International Studies at a liberal arts college like The College of Wooster?

Students who want to major in international studies will find that a liberal arts college gives them a good foundation in core courses while offering the flexibility of choosing courses that fit a student’s passion. At Wooster, Global & International Studies majors take a blend of economics, history, and political science courses in small classes led by full-time faculty members dedicated to undergraduate teaching. Language courses and participation in an overseas term give students a well-rounded education that prepares them for a variety of career paths.

Global & International Studies in Economics, History, or Political Science at The College of Wooster

The College of Wooster’s Global & International Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program drawing on courses, faculty, and other resources from the economics, history, and political science departments. Students benefit from small classes led by full-time faculty dedicated to undergraduate teaching and have flexibility to design a course of study to fit their passions. The College of Wooster is also recognized as Ohio’s most global campus because of the number of international students who make up the student body and the robust interest our students have in studying abroad. In addition to classes that build skills in critical analysis and research, all students at The College of Wooster complete an independent study under the guidance of a faculty member.

Overseas Term

Most Global & International Studies majors complete a term of overseas study from a long list of Wooster-endorsed programs. The overseas experience is typically at least one semester. The College assists students in selecting programs and making arrangements. These overseas opportunities permit students to travel virtually anywhere in the world, from Kenya, Spain, Australia, and Nicaragua to the Czech Republic, France, and China and often use the research from their time abroad to form the foundation for their senior independent study.

Faculty & Staff

Katie Holt History Professor

Katherine Holt

Aileen Dunham Professorship in History; Latin American Studies Department Chair; Global and International Studies; Co-Liaison to Digital and Visual Storytelling Pathway


Matthew Krain

Matthew Krain

Professor of Political Science, Global & International Studies


Brooke Krause head shot

Brooke Krause

Associate Professor of Economics & Business Economics; Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies


Jeff Lantis

Jeffrey Lantis

Professor of Political Science; Global and International Studies


Hernam Medina Jimenez

Hernán Medina Jiménez

Associate Professor of Spanish; Global and International Studies


Amyaz A. Moledina

Amyaz Moledina

Professor of Economics & Business Economics; Co-Founder of Social Entrepreneurship Program


Margaret Ng

Margaret Ng Wee-Siang

Associate Professor of History; Archaeology; Chinese Studies; Program Chair of East Asian Studies; Co-Liaison to the Public Health Pathway


Peter Pozefsky

Peter Pozefsky

Michael O. Fisher Professor of History, Global and International Studies; Russian Studies


Ibra Sene associate professor of history at college of wooster

Ibra Sene

Associate Professor of History; Global & International Studies Department Chair


Angela Sponsler

Administrative Coordinator of Political Science, Global and International Studies, History, Latin American Studies and Urban Studies


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At Wooster, the major in Global & International Studies adopts a global focus and an interdisciplinary approach. The Global & International Studies major program consists of courses in Political Science, History, and Economics. At the time they declare a major, students select one of these three departments as their home department. Students are also required to take one foreign language course beyond the first four beginning and intermediate courses and participate in an Overseas Term.

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Independent Study

Like all Wooster students, Global & International Studies majors complete independent research guided by faculty mentors in their home department. After completing the methods coursework required by the home department, and, in most cases, the Overseas Term, each student researches and then writes a senior thesis on a topic of particular interest. Recent projects have included: The European Union and the Limits of Cooperation, The Reversal of Development in Argentina, Intervention in Genocide, Economic Satisfaction: Public Opinion and War Proneness, States vs. Terrorists, Analysis of the Deterioration of U.S.-Cuban Relations, Globalization and Political Violence in Italy, and The Impact of Women’s Leadership at the United Nations.



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Graduates of the Global & International Studies Program at Wooster choose a wide variety of career paths. A number of recent graduates have entered directly into careers with international agencies, businesses, or non-governmental organizations. Alumni have taken positions in the Peace Corps, at multinational corporations, in the State Department, various relief agencies, advocacy groups or other types of non-governmental organizations, and the United Nations.

Some Wooster graduates have chosen professional degree programs in international business or journalism, while others have gone on to law school for the study of international and environmental law. Global & International Studies students have been accepted to prestigious universities such as the London School of Economics, American University Law School, Case Western Reserve University, the University of California-Berkeley, the University of Michigan, and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Regardless of the path they choose, Global & International Studies alumni report that they are using skills developed and refined at Wooster. The rigorous nature of the major program helps prepare our graduates for productive lives of service as global citizens. The Independent Study experience provides special training in writing, research, critical thinking and communication skills—all of which empower graduates in their positions in the corporate world or nonprofit organizations. And the program’s commitment to global engagement helps empower our graduates to seek out additional opportunities to live and work abroad.

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