The College of Wooster Libraries cultivates an environment where students, faculty, and staff, as a diverse community of learners, discover, create, communicate, and preserve knowledge and insight.

The College of Wooster Libraries will contribute to a diverse, multicultural, multilingual, and technologically rich world. We will build upon our strong foundation of personalized help; wide-ranging resources; curricular enhancement; optimization of physical spaces for study, collaboration, and knowledge creation; and engagement in collaborative internal and external partnerships. We will regularly assess user and institutional needs, measure the effectiveness of our efforts, and use those results for continuous improvement and innovation.

The College of Wooster Libraries are committed to the following values:

Discovery and Expertise
The Libraries are trusted and service-driven transcending disciplinary boundaries. Our virtual and public spaces serve as research, learning, and collaboration hubs that encourage inquiry and integration with The College of Wooster experience. We engage with our local and global communities to promote research, access, and learning.

Cultivating Learning
The Libraries play a critical role in integrating information resources, learning technologies, and research skills across the college curriculum. We collaborate with faculty to develop and deliver a 21st century education to a diverse community. We promote the freedom, discovery, and openness of access to information along with the application of critical thinking toward knowledge creation.

Development of the Diverse Community of Learners
The Libraries actively support recognition and respect for different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We are committed to the learning success of all persons.

Adopted June, 2018