How to Search for Archived I.S. Projects

    • A list of the limited I.S. projects (1996-2004) voluntarily contributed to the Libraries for availability on microfiche. This is an incomplete collection of I.S. projects. Contact individual academic departments for the availability of previous I.S. projects. Basic information regarding all I.S. projects is available in the campus I.S. Database.
    • I.S. projects related to The College and its history are available in the Special Collections department of the Libraries. These projects can be found in the CONSORT library catalog.
    • Open Works(2012-present) is the Libraries’ repository of scholarship produced by The College of Wooster community. You can also browse and search the abstracts and full text of hundreds of additional senior I.S. projects from previous years. Full text access is restricted to 2012 and forward.
    • Basic searchable database of I.S. projects
    • A spreadsheet covering 1948-present containing name, title of I.S., class year, major, and advisor is available on the Digital Scholarship portal.
    • History of Independent Study: A digitized collection of materials on the history of the independent study project at the College of Wooster
Libraries I.S. Carrel Selection 2023

Below are links to floor maps indicating available carrels to be selected during the Carrel Draw on Sunday, April 16, 2023, beginning at 2 p.m. in the CoRE Cube in Andrews Library. Please watch your email for future notifications regarding the carrel draw. Questions should be directed to Upikin Gunawan.