Model United Nations is an academic organization that works to foster an understanding of UN diplomatic processes and contemporary international issues. Students attend Model UN conferences and simulate the role of delegates representing pre-assigned countries.

The College of Wooster supports sending students to two annual conferences that draw delegations from hundreds of colleges and universities from across the United States and abroad. The team travels to the American Model United Nations Conference in Chicago in the Fall and the National Model United Nations Conference in New York City each Spring. Wooster has successfully represented a wide array of countries over the years, across many geopolitical backgrounds.

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Some members of Wooster’s Model UN team display their certificates after being named an outstanding delegation. (photo submitted by Sabrina Harris).

In preparation for the conferences, students meet weekly to learn about the general workings of the UN and become skilled representatives of their assigned country. Students master UN rules of procedure, develop research, debate, and public speaking skills, and build relationships with passionate individuals from around the world.

Selecting the Model UN Team

Due to the popularity of Model United Nations at The College of Wooster, students are selected to serve on either the traveling team or the supporting research team. The officers select participants based on a tryouts system in order to make the process fair and objective. Each prospective team member is assigned a country and will be asked to discuss an international issue and draft resolutions with other delegates in a simulated UN conference. Participants that show the most skill and/or potential in areas such as public speaking, leadership, and preparedness will be chosen to represent Wooster at each conference on the traveling team. Other strong participants will be chosen as research team members to provide support for the preparations of the traveling team. A new round of tryouts are held at the beginning of each semester in order to allow as many students as possible to attend conference. We are eager to include new people in this program, and past experience does not provide any advantage.


To build the most committed team capable of supporting each other at conference, it is vital for team members to know each other. It is no surprise, then, that attendance is key. Every meeting this semester covers an aspect of the conference activities and will make the conference experience easier on each team member. Students must be on time to all the meetings. At the conferences, delegates will have to navigate a large hotel and the United Nations building in order to be on time for committee. If you cannot be on time on our small campus, we assume that you will not be on time at the conference. Failure to attend scheduled meetings without a valid excuse will be penalized.


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