Lee A. McBride III, professor of philosophy at The College of Wooster

Professor McBride publishes new philosophy anthology celebrating pragmatist feminism

Lee A. McBride III, professor of philosophy at The College of Wooster recently published Pragmatist Feminism and the Work of Charlene Haddock Seigfried, an […]

Zdena Sinkhorn

Propaganda, Print Culture, and Popular Opinion: Newsletters and Pamphlets in Seventeenth-Century England

Name: Zdena Sinkhorn Major: History Minor: Philosophy Advisor: Dr. Christina Welsch Marchamont Needham’s unique role as a journalist in seventeenth century England allows for […]

head shot of Burim Saciri

To Pull or To Not Pull the Lever: A Data Driven Approach to Understand the Philosophical Trolley Problem

Name: Burim Saciri Major: Statistical & Data Science Minor: Philosophy Advisor: Dr. Rob Kelvey; Dr. Jillian Morrison (Second Reader) For my Independent Study project, I […]

Julia Weisberg

“Pretty Privilege” and Survival: Recognizing the Difference in Social Treatment, Most Notably in Healthcare, Towards Those Who Are Highly Attractive

Name: Julia Weisberg Major: Philosophy Advisors: Dr. Karen Haely, Dr. Elizabeth Schiltz (second reader) This Independent Study is divided into four chapters. The first […]

Head shot of Megan Fisher

#Fitspiration vs. #BodyNeutrality: Effects of Social Media Communities on Body Appreciation and Food Choice

Name: Megan Fisher Major: Psychology Minor: Philosophy Advisor: Bryan Karazsia; Second reader: Amber Garcia Body image disturbances can be influenced by media that promotes body ideals, such as […]

Ainslee Alem Robson '15

French and philosophy alumna creates virtual reality graphic memoir

Independent Study at Wooster help prepare Ainslee Alem Robson ’15 to take on a creative film project

Jacob Abramo ’21

Wooster names Jacob Abramo 2021 Carpenter Prize Winner

Philosophy major honored as top pre-law student

The Effect of Varying Paneling Characteristics on Soccer Ball Flight

Name: Daniel Halbing Major: Physics, Philosophy Advisors: Dr. Susan Lehman, Dr. Niklas Manz The predictability of flight of the Adidas Conext15, Adidas Jabulani, Adidas […]

Abstract Unity in Material Diversity: An Introduction to Category Theory and a Defense of Mathematical Realism

Name: Micah Phillips-Gary Majors: Philosophy, Mathematics Minor: German Studies Advisors: Rob Kelvey and Garrett Thomson This project is concerned with looking for abstract structural […]

Alex Cohen

Derivative Intentionality & Gricean Meaning

Student Name: Alex Cohen Major: Philosophy Advisor: Dr. Garrett Thomson At the end of my junior year, I became very interested in semantic meaning. […]

Max Gregg

Normative Bastardy

Name: Max Gregg Major: Philosophy Advisor: Dr. Evan Riley In the contemporary United States, the phrase All Cops are Bastards (ACAB) is a prominent […]

Lindsay Brainard '10

Annual Phi Sigma Tau Lecture to feature alumnus Lindsay Brainard

Lindsay Brainard ’10, assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, will present “What is Creativity?” at The College of Wooster’s […]

Pedro Oliboni '20

Philosophy and math alumnus publishes article in peer-reviewed journal

Pedro Oliboni ’20 continues to explore ideas from his Independent Study projects

Steve Schott '07 in his Franklin County office where he works as a prosecutor in the gang unit

Political science alumnus prosecutes gang-related crimes in Columbus

Participating in Wooster’s moot court program prepared Steve Schott ’07 for his career in law

Jacob Abramo

APEX Fellowship | Jacob Abramo

Majors: Philosophy Class Year: 2021 Faculty Mentor: Leslie Wingard As a legal intern with the Wayne County Prosectuor’s Office, I clerked in Grand Jury, […]

Maryam Abdul Hye

APEX Fellowship | Maryam Abdul Hye

Majors: Philosophy, Psychology Class Year: 2021 Faculty Mentor: Grit Herzmann As a Marketing and Research Intern at an executive search and consultant firm in […]

AMRE | Benefits Cliff II

Building a BRIDGE to Self-Sufficiency: Policy Prescriptions to Address Benefits Cliffs in Ohio Tim Cotter ’22, Philosophy Stachal Harris ’21, Political Science Michael Nahhas […]

APEX Fellowship | Alexander Cohen

Major: Philosophy Class Year: 2021 Faculty Mentor: Bas van Doorn I worked with IRC Sacramento’s Volunteer Coordination department to help hire and place interns […]

Emily Howerton

Applying Wooster experiences to respond to the coronavirus threat

Math and philosophy alumna develops models to aid in decision making

All My N*ggas is Casket Pretty: Projects of Sustainability for Black Folks

Student: Sharah “Georgia” Hutson Major: Philosophy Advisor: Evan Riley Calvin Warren holds the notion that “anti-black violence continues without end and can never be […]