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Economics & Business Economics


A degree in economics provides a student with strong theoretical and quantitative foundations that can be used to differentiate them from other job-seekers after graduation. Students choose from an intriguing set of elective courses such as environmental economics, urban economics, health economics, the economics of race and a year-long intensive exposure to international economics. The uniqueness of the economics program at Wooster is the senior experience where all students work independently in consultation with a faculty advisor on a year-long senior project.  Economics majors will also find many of the speakers funded by the Wilson Business Economics Lecture Series interesting.  Recent guests include Donald Kohn, Governor of the Federal Reserve, Peter Gruber, CEO of Mandalay Pictures, Katherine Reid, Director of Cleveland Museum of Art, and Dr. Morton Kamien, Levy Professor of Entrepreneurship at Northwestern University.

Wooster provides an academically challenging program of business education within the context of the liberal arts for those who desire a sophisticated understanding of business operation and an appreciation for the social and economic complexities of the world in which firms operate. The course work gives students a foundation on which to build and helps them develop the skills that allow them to gather business and economic data and analyze them in a useful way.

Thomas Russo

Wilson Lecture series: Thomas a. russo

Thomas Russo, Managing Member of Gardner, Russo & Gardener will speak at the College of Wooster on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in the Wilson Governance Room, Scot Center. This lecture is free and open to the public. Learn more.


Business Economics

A degree in business economics will give you a strong foundation as you establish your career after Wooster or attend graduate school in business, accounting, or related fields.  Building on a core foundation of economics, accounting, and quantitative courses, majors can choose from an intriguing set of elective courses such as Corporate Finance, Investments, Marketing, or Strategic Management.  The program's real strength is the senior experience where all students work independently in consultation with a faculty advisor on a year-long senior project to put their classroom knowledge to work on a real business or economic problem of their choosing.  It's common for us to hear from former students who say that this experience gave them a real edge when applying for jobs or graduate study after Wooster.

Complimenting the academic curriculum is a student-managed investment club that invests over a million dollars (part of the College's endowment) to provide funding for student scholarships and an available internship program that provides opportunities for you to work with for-profit or nonprofit organization while still at Wooster.  The Wilson Lecture Series in Business Economics brings prominent business leaders to campus to teach a class, meet with students, and to provide public lectures.  CEOs of Fortune 500 companies Federal Reserve Board members, nonprofit presidents, and entrepreneurs have all been part of this series.

Students who are interested in international business may also wish to consider the International Business Economics minor which combines the study of business economics with foreign language and culture (currently French, German, or Spanish).  With this minor, the senior project applies the knowledge from your business economics courses to the unique aspect of a foreign culture.