Chemical physics provides an interdisciplinary approach to the fields of chemistry and physics using mathematical techniques. The major allows students to explore the interface between chemistry and physics by studying structure, surfaces, bonding, atoms and molecules. By combining the methodologies and knowledge of physics and chemistry, many intriguing scientific questions can be addressed by a student with a strong predilection for mathematics and the physical sciences.


Kaitlynn Arnholt

Kaitlynn Arnholt

Visiting Instructor of Chemistry


Robin Bjorkquist

Robin Bjorkquist

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics


Sarah Bolton

Sarah Bolton

President of The College of Wooster and Professor of Physics


Paul Bonvallet

Paul A. Bonvallet

Professor of Chemistry


Mary Cornelius

Mary Cornelius

Administrative Coordinator - Chemistry, BCMB


Laura DeGroot

Laura DeGroot

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics


Paul Edmiston

Paul L. Edmiston

Theron L. Peterson and Dorothy R. Peterson Professor of Chemistry; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Pre-Law Program


Jennifer Faust

Jennifer A. Faust

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Karl Feierabend

Karl J. Feierabend

Associate Professor and Department Chair of Chemistry


Kristin Feierabend

Kristin Feierabend

Stockroom Manager - Chemistry


Manon Grugel-Watson

Manon Grugel-Watson

Visiting Instructor and Laboratory Coordinator of Physics


Cody Leary faculty in physics at College of Wooster

Cody Leary

Associate Professor of Physics; Pre-Engineering Advisor


Susan Y. Lehman

Susan Lehman

Victor J. Andrew Professor of Physics


Niklas Manz

Niklas Manz

Associate Professor of Physics, Department Chair of Physics; Liaison to the Environmental Communication & Action Pathway


Sara Martin

Sara E. S. Martin

Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Jhony Mera

Electronics & Instrument Technician - Biology, Chemistry, Physics


Lilliana Morris

Lilliana S. Morris

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Dawn Parker

Dawn Parker

Administrative Coordinator of Mathematical & Computational Sciences, Physics


Carrie Salmon

Carrie R. Salmon

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Timothy Siegenthaler

Timothy Siegenthaler

Instrument and Lab Tech/Machinist - Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics


Mark Snider

Mark J. Snider

Robert E. Wilson Professor of Chemistry; Program Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Sarah Sobeck

Sarah J. Sobeck (Schmidtke)

Professor of Chemistry, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning


James West

James West

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Biology; Chemistry


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A major in Chemical Physics consists of sixteen courses including the introductory courses of Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. The student can then choose to focus on either Chemistry or Physics while taking advanced courses in the other field

Students may not double major in Chemical Physics and in any of the participating departments of Chemistry, Physics, or Mathematics. Any student who anticipates attending graduate school in chemistry or physics should also take additional courses in those disciplines.

Interested students should discuss plans with the chairperson of the Department of Chemistry or Physics.

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