Miyauna Incarnato

How floral resource composition and sampling method help us to assess bee community diversity in a peri-urban landscape

Name: Miyauna Incarnato Major: Environmental Studies – Conservation Minor: Chinese Advisor: Jennifer Ison Peri-urban landscapes, which are landscapes transitioning from rural to urban or […]

Olivia Proe

What Are Perfect Places, Anyway? Exploring the New Zealand Government’s Approach to Youth Suicide Prevention

Name: Olivia Proe Major: Sociology Advisors: Dr. Heather Fitz Gibbon and Dr. Tom Tierney This study utilizes New Zealand as a case study in […]


Name: Zoe Covey Major: English Advisors: Dr. Christopher Kang and Dr. Thomas Prendergast Sunscreen is a 68-page long novella following different members of a […]

AMERICAN DRAGON: A Story of an Asian American Woman Finding Her Way Home

Name: Hannah Jun Langer Major: English, Studio Art Minor: History Advisors: Thomas Prendergast and Cassidy Ely AMERICAN DRAGON: A Story of an Asian American […]

Michael Alber

Autumn Flowering Wingstem’s Seed Set, Floral Display Size and Flowering Time as an Indicator of Climate Change

Name: Michael David Alber Major: Biology Advisors: Dr. Jennifer Ison and Dr. Stephenie Strand Climate change has led to shifts in the phenology of […]

Exploring the Impact of the Microbiome on Sleep Homeostasis in Drosophila melanogaster

Name: Joshua Gluck Major: Biology Advisors: Dr. Stephanie Strand, Dr. Sharon Lynn (second reader) The study of the Brain-Gut-Microbiome axis is an exciting avenue […]

There’s Something in the Water: An Analysis of of the Chemical Composition of the Sagamore, Killbuck Creek, and Upper Floridan Aquifer

Name: S. R. Troen Major: Environmental Geoscience Advisor: Dr. Shelley Judge Aquifers are commonly used as sources of fresh water but are very susceptible […]

Immersive Fantasy: An Exploration of Cultural Diversity in Fantasy Novels

Name: Sarah Rapacz Major: English Minor: Art Advisors: Dr. Claire Eager, Dr. Jennifer Hayward Immerse is a medieval fantasy novel exploring the relationships between […]

Amelia Kemp

“We Need Your Help”: The Rhetorical Construction of the Citizen Detective in True Crime Podcast Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad

Name: Amelia Kemp Majors: Communication Studies and Sociology Advisor: Dr. Rohini Singh and Dr. Tom Tierney (second reader) What is the role of citizens […]

Michelle Sayre

Swipe White: Attitudes and Perceptions of Interracial Relationships

Name: Michelle Sayre Major: Psychology Minor: Music Advisors: Dr. Amber Garcia, Dr. Ashley Abraham Interracial couples are frequently the target of stereotypes, prejudice, and […]

Sam Casey

LGBTQ and Leviticus: How Religious Appeals Affect the Electability of Queer Political Candidates

Name: Sam Casey Major: Political Science: U.S. National Politics Advisors: Dr. Álvaro Corral, Dr. Désirée Weber My Independent Study tests the effect of religious […]

Annabelle Vosmeier

“The Bliss Of Solitude”: In Search of Fulfilled Single Characters in Seventeenth through Twentieth Century Anglophone and Francophone Literature

Name: Annabelle Vosmeier Majors: English, French and Francophone Studies Advisors: Dr. Claire Eager, Dr. Laura Burch This study analyzes the representations of single women […]

Lauryn Hill

Male fitness of perennial plant Echinacea angustifolia is not significantly influenced through visitation by specific bee taxa

Name: Lauryn Hill Major: Biology Advisor: Jennifer Ison Habitat fragmentation is the disruption of continuous blocks of land that reduce the size and increases […]

Natalia Moonier

Narrative and Image as Memory: An Alternate History of the Alton Piasa Mural Using Indigenous Contexts

Name: Natalia V. Moonier Major: Archaeology Advisor: Olivia C. Navarro-Farr and Siavash Samei (second reader) The present study examines the history and Indigenous context […]

Jena Copley

Pocket Prairies Support Bee Diversity in Cleveland, Ohio

Name: Jena Copley Major: Biology Minor: Environmental Studies Advisors: Dr. Jennifer Ison and Dr. Kayla Perry, Dr. Rick Lehtinen (second reader) Urbanization reduces the […]

Jenelle Booker

Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAM) as a Model for Photooxidation of Plastic Waste Using ATR-FTIR and Kinetic Modelling

Name: Jenelle C. Booker Major: Chemistry Minor: Environmental Studies and German Advisors: Karl J. Feierabend and Paul L. Edmiston As of 2017, 8.3 billion […]

Ella Lang

Fabric and Flesh: A Tactile Exploration of Personhood and Becoming

Name: Ella Lang Major: Anthropology Minor: Environmental Studies Advisors: Christa Craven and David McConnell (second reader) Last year, I became fascinated by the relationships […]

Lily Michal Walters

Whitewashed: A Look into the Evolution of Race Conversations in American Classrooms

Name: Lily Michal Walters Majors: History, Education Advisor: Dr. Jordan Biro-Walters Following the events of this past summer, I felt an urge to analyze […]

Breanna Harrell

“BOYS CAN’T BE PRINCESSES”: An Understanding of Speech-Language Pathologists’ Perceptions of Gender Bias, LGBTQ+ Bias, and LGBTQ+ Related Issues When Working with Young Children

Name: Breanna L. Harrell Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders Minor: Education Advisors: Donald M. Goldberg, Ph.D., and Ahmet Atay With the growing understanding and […]

Gabija Liffick

“Kamala Harris, For the People”: A Feminist Rhetorical Analysis of Kamala Harris’s 2020 Democratic National Convention Speech

Name: Gabija Liffick Major: Communication Studies Minor: Psychology Advisors: Dr. Denise Bostdorff, Dr. Rohini Singh (second reader) The purpose of this study was to […]