Tuition & Fees

College of Wooster
Fee Schedule
Semester 1
Base Fees
Due August 10, 2023
Semester 2
Base Fees
Due January 10, 2024
Total 2023-24
Base Fees
Tuition and Fees$29,775$29,775$59,550
Room (multiple)$3,400$3,400$6,800
Comprehensive Fee$36,775$36,775$73,550

Early Aid Estimator

High school students planning to attend college in Fall 2023 are encouraged to fill out Wooster’s Early Aid Estimator. The information you provide us in the Early Aid Estimator will be evaluated carefully by individuals — our admissions and financial aid professionals — not an algorithm. We will send you a personalized projected aid award, including both institutional grants and scholarships, as well as funding from all government sources, within three weeks of receiving your completed estimator.