Priscilla Ramos Rico

New Space, No Place: Navigating Experiences in a Predominately White Higher Education Institution as Latinx Students

Name: Priscilla Ramos Rico Major: Sociology Minor: Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Advisors: Dr. Michael Miyawaki, Dr. Heather Fitz Gibbons (second reader) This research […]

Sofia Biegeleisen

More than a Memory: The Complex Relationship Between Living History and Slavery

Name: Sofia Biegeleisen Majors: History, Spanish Advisor: Dr. Jordan Biro Walters, Ibra Sene (second reader) This project deals with the connection between historical memory […]

Political Identity Rules: Support of Renewable Energy Jobs and Attitudes on Soil Conservation in Northeastern Ohio

Name: Leah Jorn Major: Environmental Studies Minor: Political Science Advisors: Dr. Erum Haider, Dr. Matt Mariola (second reader) The purpose of this study was […]

Halen Gifford

The Ghosts of Grief: An Exploration of Gothic Influence in 2010s Horror Cinema

Name: Halen Gifford Major: Communication Studies Minor: Film Studies Advisors: Dr. Ahmet Atay, Dr. Nii Nikoi (second reader) The purpose of this project is […]

Eliza Cotton

Liberté, Égalité, Paternité: Understanding the French anti-gay and anti-reproductive technology movement, La Manif pour tous

Name: Eliza Cotton Majors: Sociology, French and Francophone Studies Advisors: Dr. Thomas Tierney, Dr. Harry Gamble My IS examines a conservative social movement currently […]

Andrew Kunkel

Examining Light-Matter Interactions Through Two Photon Entanglement

Student Name: Andrew Kunkel Major: Physics Minor: Mathematics Advisor: Cody C. Leary, Second reader: John F. Lindner In this thesis we model two-photon interference […]

Kate Evans

Using Tau Protein to Investigate the Link between Sleep Deprivation and Alzheimer’s Disease in a Drosophila Model

Student Name: Kate Evans Major(s): Neuroscience Advisors: Dr. Seth Kelly and Dr. Rebecca Williams. Second Reader: Dr. Erzsébet Regan Neurodegenerative disorders affect millions of […]

Sophia Pellar

Turning Conceptions of Family ‘Upside Down’: Non-Familial Families Provide Social Support and Communal Coping as a Form of Social Support in "Stranger Things"

Student Name: Sophia Pellar Major(s): Communication Minor(s): English Advisor: Dr. Rob Razzante, Dr. Melissa Weller (second reader) Most Creative Slideshow Award The major conclusion […]

Louis Schwartz

Release Kinetics of Ibuprofen from Swellable Organically Modified Silica by Means of a Non-Active Release Modulator

Student Name: Louis Schwartz Major(s): Chemistry Minor(s): Theatre Advisor(s): Dr. Paul L. Edmiston (advisor); Dr. Sarah Sobeck (2nd reader) Controlled drug release is something […]

Measuring properties of entangled photons using the Hong-Ou-Mandel effect

Student Name: Mili Barai Major(s): Physics Advisors: Dr. Cody Leary, Dr. John Lindner We model Joint Spectral Intensities of two entangled photons created by […]

Rachel Greer

How Do You Like Your Science?: A Comparison of Infographic and Text Based Approaches

Student Name: Rachel Greer Major(s): Neurobiology Advisor: Dr. Laura Sirot, Dr. Ferdinand Nanfack Minkeu Most Engaging Poster Award COVID-19 along with the increasing access […]

Diminished Sleep and the Presence of Risky Behavior: What Predicts General Health?

Student Name: Alex Melchert Major(s): Psychology Advisor: Dr. Colvin, Second Reader: Dr. Wilhelms Recently, the field of sleep research has grown. However, questions remain […]

Maya Rodemer

Stressed Is Just Desserts Spelled Backwards: An Investigation Into the Influences on Stressed Eating Behaviors in Undergraduate Students

Student Name: Maya Rodemer Major(s): Food and Nutrition Science (student-designed) Advisor(s): Dr. Sharon Lynn, Dr. Tom Tierney This study aimed to explore the relationship […]

Protest or Riot?: The Role of News Media in Characterizing the Unrest in Ferguson

Student Name: Emma Reiner Major(s): Political Science (concentration in US Politics) and English Advisor(s): Dr. Désirée Weber and Dr. Susanna Sacks This project focuses […]

Heather Hartmann

Development of a Passive Sampler for Detecting PFAS Using Polymer-Organosilica Hybrid Adsorbents

Name: Heather Hartmann Majors: Chemistry, Spanish Advisors: Dr. Paul Edmiston, Dr. Karl Feierabend Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are environmental contaminants of emerging concern due […]

Brianna Mckeen

Breech in Time: Identifying and Dating Historical Textiles using ATR-FT-IR and HPLC-UV/Vis

Name: Brianna McKeen Majors: Chemistry, History Advisors: Dr. Karl Feierabend, Dr. Madonna Hettinger Textile fibers are used in making most everyday items: clothing, carpets, […]

The Other Us: A Critical Analysis of Race in Jordan Peele’s Us

Name: Danté Fair Major: Communication Studies Advisors: Dr. Rohini Singh, Dr. Nii Nikoi The purpose of this study was to examine the portrayal of […]


《异乡人》“Strangers”: A Visual Ethnography about Expat Teachers in China during Covid-19 Pandemic

Name: Xinyu Martina Pei Majors: Communication Studies, East Asian Studies Minor: Global Media and Digital Studies Advisors: Dr. Ahmet Atay, Dr. Ziying You This […]

An Investigation of the Influence of Exposure to Deaf Communities on Deaf Identity of Young Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients

Name: Heidi Likins Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders Advisor: Dr. Donald Goldberg The purpose of this study was to investigate young adult cochlear implant […]

Taking CHARGE: An Investigation of Audiologists’ Familiarity with CHARGE Syndrome and Hearing Healthcare Guidelines Pertaining to Syndrome Management

Name: Caitlyn Menolasino Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders Advisor: Dr. Donald Goldberg This study investigated audiologists’ familiarity and experiences with pediatric patients with CHARGE […]