As The Looking Glass: An Introspection at Minority and Traumatized Identities

Name: Indigo Adobea Abenda Joy Quashie Major: Studio Art Minor: Education Advisor: Dr. Marina Mangubi Most Creative Video Award As The Looking Glass was […]

A Moment in Italy

Name: Abigail Fisk Major: Studio Art Advisor: Dr. Bridget Milligan, Dr. Tracy Cosgriff, Dr. Marina Mangubi Best Animation Award For centuries, art has been […]

Margaret Loarca

Dogs Behave Differently When Meeting A Stranger Depending On Their Personality and How the Stranger Acts

Name: Margaret Loarca Major: Neuroscience Advisors: Dr. Sharon Lynn Dogs have evolved to coinhabit the same areas as humans. How and why dogs first […]

Aaron Risch

Personal Attitudes Towards Clothing and Clothing Choices

Name: Aaron Risch Major: Psychology Minor: Theatre and Dance Advisors: Dr. Susan Clayton, Dr. Amber Garcia Clothing is one way that individuals form and […]

Adding to the Narrative: Stories of the Holocaust through Portraiture and the Museum

Name: Marloes Krabbe Majors: Anthropology, Art History Advisors: Dr. Beth Derderian, Dr. John Siewert My independent study is an anthropological and art historical analysis […]

Christine Weber

The Tel Kabri Wall and Floor Paintings: Microcosms of Mediterranean Middle Bronze Age Trade and Representations of a Canaanite Palatial Economy

Name: Christine Weber Majors: Archaeology, Art History Minor: Classical Studies Advisors: Dr. Kara Morrow, Dr. Siavash Samei This Independent Study combines art historical approaches […]

Putting the “Crisis” in “Climate Crisis”: The Impact of Securitization on Climate Change Policy

Name: Olivia Azzarita Major: Political Science Advisor: Dr. John Valdez, Dr. Matthew Krain In the collective global effort against climate change, some countries take […]

Investigation of Para-Aminobenzoic Acid’s Photodegradation in Different pH Environments under UVB Light

Name: Jingyi Daniel Zhou Majors: Chemistry, Mathematics Advisors: Dr. Sarah Sobeck, Dr. Drew Pasteur The vast use of UV-filters has been related to many […]

Alayt Issak

Visualizing Concepts

Name: Alayt Issak Major: Mathematics Minor: Studio Art Advisors: Dr. Drew Pasteur, Dr. Subhadip Chowdhury Critical Digital Engagement Award My I.S. began with the […]

Musical Engineering and Discovery with Wavelet Analysis

Name: Rephael Berkooz Major: Mathematics Minor: Computer Science Advisors: Dr. Pamela Pierce This project presents a novel method for extracting musical features via signal […]

Matteaus Klonowski

Understanding the Swelling Mechanism of Stimuli Responsive Organically-Modified Silica

Name: Mattaeus Klonowski Majors: Chemistry, Physics Advisors: Dr. Paul Edmiston, Dr. Cody Leary Stimuli-responsive polymers (SRPs) are materials which exhibit a change in physical […]

Kennedey Bell

Disconnect: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Discourse Over Ohio’s EdChoice Program

Name: Kennedey Bell Major: Communication Studies Minor: Elementary Education Advisors: Dr. Rob Razzante, Dr. Matthew Broda My I.S. project, “Disconnect: A Rhetorical Analysis of […]

Torrey Totman

Examining the Influence of Mindfulness Meditation on Cognition and Empathy

Name: Torrey Totman Major: Psychology Advisors: Dr. Nathan Foster, Dr. Ashley Abraham Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool that can provide a sense of […]

Katie Harvey

Corporate Pressure Makes Regime Diamonds: An Analysis of the Impact of Multinational Corporations on International Environmental Regime Effectiveness

Name: Katie Harvey Major: Global and International Studies Minor: Environmental Studies Advisors: Dr. John Valdez, Dr. Matt Krain Despite the tendency for multinational corporations […]

Jonah Kadens

"That was the anomaly year!": An Exploration of School Discipline and Disproportionality During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Name: Jonah Kadens Major: The Sociology of Education Advisors: Dr. Anne Nurse, Dr. Kevin Zayed School discipline in the US is racialized. Previous research […]

Gentaro Nakata

Propellant-less Space Travel with Tethers: Swimming in Space using an Asteroid’s Gravity Gradient

Name: Gentaro Nakata Major: Physics Advisors: Dr. John Lindner, Dr. Susan Lehman For this thesis, we set off to investigate the practicality of space […]

Eliza Letteney

Haunted Households: Adaptation, Genre, and Gender Politics in Horror and the Gothic

Name: Eliza Letteney Major: English Minor: Communication Studies Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Hayward and Dr. Tom Prendergast (second reader) My lifelong love of horror brought […]

Stephanie Pokras

Whose Line is it Anyway? Rhetoric, Pathology, and the Jewish Race in Late Victorian England

Name: Stephanie Pokras Major: History Minor: Philosophy Advisor: Dr. Christina Welsch Dr. Josephine Wright Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award This thesis examines how both […]

Sam Zimmerman

Exclusive Nationalist Rhetoric Can Reduce Ethnic Representation in Government: Why Nationalist Rhetoric Matters

Name: Sam Zimmerman Major: Political Science Minor: Statistical and Data Science Advisors: Advisor: Dr. Matthew Krain, Dr. Désirée Weber This study attempted to highlight […]

Morgan Fields

A Re-evaluation of Texts Taught in High School English Classrooms: Why a Need for a Curriculum Reboot is Necessary

Name: Morgan Fields Majors: English, Education Minor: Philosophy Advisor: Dr. Leslie Wingard Most Applicable in the Current Moment Award This Independent Study is an […]