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The College of Wooster is test-optional, providing students the opportunity to present application material that accurately reflects their diverse academic talents and potential. Students can submit either the SAT or the ACT if they feel their results best represent their academic potential. The Admission Committee makes no assumptions as to why some students choose to submit scores while others don’t; all students are given equal consideration in the admission process. If applicants choose this option, we will place additional weight on the rigor of their high school curriculum and their performance in the courses they completed.

All applicants, regardless of whether they submit test scores or not, will be eligible for Wooster’s merit-based scholarships. Homeschooled applicants and applicants from secondary schools that provide written evaluations rather than grades are strongly encouraged to submit ACT or SAT test results.

To support access and reduce submission barriers for applicants who choose to submit their scores, Wooster will accept self-reported test scores directly from the application or a score report PDF submitted by the applicant. Upon enrollment, applicants choosing to self-report are required to submit official scores through the testing agency or from a school official for verification. Any discrepancy between the self-reported scores and the verified scores could jeopardize a student’s enrollment and the Admission Committee has the right to rescind admission.

ACT (Code: 3260) and SAT (Code: 1134)

  • Submission of test scores is optional. Any test scores submitted are superscored (we will combine the highest score received on each section from any combination of testing dates).

Test Policies for International Students