Stachal Harris

BLACK ENUF: An Exploration of the Strategic Use of Racial Appeals by Black Politicians to Garner Black Voter Support

Name: Stachal Harris Major: Political Science Minor: Africana Studies Advisor: Álvaro Corral This independent study research project explores how some forms of race-based appeals […]

Anabel Faigin

Collaboration in Silence: An Investigation of the Role of the Speech-Language Pathologist in Treatment for Children with Selective Mutism

Name: Anabel Helena Faigin Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders Minor: Education Advisors: Donald M. Goldberg, Ph.D.,  Joan E. Furey, Ph.D., and Cara Hammond (second […]

Avalanches on a Conical Bead Pile

Name: Henry Whyte Major: Physics Minor: Mathematics Advisors: Dr. Susan Lehman, Dr. Niklas Manz Avalanches are one of the most destructive forces in nature, […]

Jessica Kamen

A Review of the Treatments of Anxiety Disorders Within the Adolescent Population

Name: Jessica Kamen Major: Neuroscience Advisor: Dr. Sharon Lynn Mental disorders can affect anyone from children to adolescents. The Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental […]

Ciara Hudson

Pay to Play Politics: An Examination of Big Money’s Influence in the United States Senate

Name: Ciara Hudson Major: Political Science Minor: South Asian Studies Advisors: Dr. Avram Muñoz and Dr. Alvaro Corral With ever increasing amounts of outside […]

Margaret Brown

“Right Away M’lady”: An Examination of Social Class and Gender within Women’s Relationships In “Downton Abbey”

Name: Margaret Brown Major: Communication Studies Minor: Environmental Studies Advisors: Dr. Melissa Rizzo-Weller, Dr. Natasha Bissonauth In this study, I analyzed the British historical […]

Devin Henson

Reconsidering the Late Woodland: A Critical Reassessment of Perception and Periodization in the Ohio Valley, 400-1000 CE

Name: Devin A. Henson Major: Archaeology Minor: Earth Sciences Advisors: Olivia C. Navarro-Farr, Siavash Samei (second reader) The Late Woodland period in eastern North […]

Impact of School Vouchers on Guardian Investment in Education

Name: Madeleine Keller Majors: Economics, Education Advisors: Dr. Brooke Krause, Dr. Gretchen Tefs Inequitable access to good quality education is an ongoing issue in […]

Lauren Brown

Conversations on the Christian to Buddhist Conversion Experience

Name: Lauren Brown Major: Religious Studies Advisor: Dr. Chan Sok Park This I.S. uses personal accounts to discuss the experience of the conversion process […]

Sydney Barger

“It Can Happen Here”: the Rise & Fall of the German American Bund & the 1930s American Nazi Movement and its Interpretations in Modern Media

Name: Sydney Barger Major: German Studies Advisors: Dr. Beth Muellner, Dr. Lisa Wong, Dr. Katy Holihan (second reader) I discovered the German American Bund, […]

Marcel El Kouri

Double, Double Toil and Trouble: Using Fruit Flies to Understand Intellectual Disability

Name: Marcel El Kouri Major: Neurobiology Advisors: Dr. Seth Kelly, Dr. Laura Sirot, Dr. Erzsébet Regan (second reader) Intellectual disability (ID) impacts millions of […]

Kiera Wright

There’s No Place Like Cohousing: A Study of the Location of Cohousing in the United States

Name: Keira Wright Major: Urban Studies Advisors: Dr. Heather Fitz Gibbon, Dr. Hamed Goharipour This study examines where cohousing develops in the United States […]

Miura Wiley

Investigating the Role of cAMP in the Sleep Phenotype of the Drosophila Fragile X Syndrome Model

Name: Miura Wiley Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Minor: Spanish Advisors: Dr. Seth Kelly, Dr. Rebecca Williams, Dr. James West (second reader) Fragile X […]

Emma Busch

It’s Friezing Out There: Take My Sweater! Examining How Math Can be Enhanced by Knitting in the Case of Frieze Patterns

Name: Emma Busch Major: Mathematics Minor: Spanish Advisor: Dr. Pamela Pierce The purpose of this IS was to look at the relationship between math […]

Julia Ajello

No Evidence of Sexual Selection in Brassica rapa, a Hermaphroditic Plant

Name: Julia Ajello Major: Biology Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Ison The presence of sexual selection has been identified in animals since Darwin first wrote On […]

Marielle Mason

Perceptions Toward Persons with ADHD: Exploring the Relationship Between Intergroup Contact, Honesty-Humility, Accommodations and Attitudes

Name: Marielle Mason Major: Psychology Advisor: Dr. Amber Garcia (advisor), Dr. Grit Herzmann (second reader) This study investigated college students’ attitudes towards people with […]

Leslie Chinery

“Sisters are Doin’ It for Themselves”: Creating a Financial Literacy Workshop for College-Aged Women on the Relationship Among Spending, Saving, and Investing

Name: Lesley Chinery Major: Communication Studies Minor: Africana Studies Advisor: Dr. Denise Bostdorff For my independent study, I created an hour-long virtual financial literacy […]

Alien Sunsets on Tumbling Asteroids

Name: Yang “Fish” Yu Major: Physics Minor: Mathematics Advisors: Dr. John F. Lindner, Dr. Cody Leary We simulated Sol’s apparent motion as observed from […]

Anna Schroeder

Multi-Step Synthesis of Small Molecules as Potential Inhibitors for MurG

Name: Anna Schroeder Major: Chemistry Minor: French and Francophone Studies Advisor: Dr. Sara Martin The threat of antibiotic resistance demands a response in the […]

Investigating the “logic puzzle” of traditional Chinese medicine: deciphering the cooperative protective effect of natural remedies against oxidative damage

Name: Kejun “Coco” Liu Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Advisor: Dr. Sara Martin, Dr. James West (second reader) Humans are under constant threat from […]