Tongtong Wu

News Impacting Anxiety, Depression and Empathy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Name: Tongtong Wu Major: Psychology Minor: Latin American Studies Advisors: Michelle Colvin (Advisor), Grit Herzmann (Second reader) The COVID-19 pandemic has been disastrous to […]

Kayla Way

A Whole Other World to See: A Rhetorical and Visual Analysis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children’s Literature

Student Name: Kayla Way Major(s): Communication Studies Minor(s): Art History Advisor: Dr. Melissa Rizzo Weller & Dr. Denise Bostdorff The purpose of this study […]

Piper H Hartman

Bursting at the Seams: An Exploration of Feelings and Fast Fashion

Student Name: Piper H Hartman Major(s): Studio Art Minor(s): Education Advisor: Cassidy Ely My independent study addresses my concerns about the fast fashion industry by […]

Lydia Bruno

Experimental Evolution in Daphnia magna: An Investigation into the Effects of Ammonium Nitrate Exposure

Student Name: Lydia Bruno Major(s): Biology Minor(s): Environmental Studies Advisor: Dr. Hilary Edgington & Second Reader: Dr. Dean Fraga Water pollution is a major […]

Developmental Fluoxetine Exposure Affects Offspring Anxiety-Like Behavior and Hormonal Response to an Acute Stressor

Student Name: Bryce Knopp Major(s): Biology Advisor(s): Dr. Lynn Most Creative Slideshow Award (Honorable Mention) A large number of women who suffer from depression […]

Erica Berent

The Infection Dynamics of a Fungal Pathogen in Stream-Dwelling Northern Two-Lined Salamanders in Wooster, Ohio

Student Name: Erica Berent Major(s): Biology Minor(s): Chemistry Advisor(s): Dr. Richard Lehtinen How familiar are you with salamanders? You probably know that they live […]

Joseph Naser

Eternal Silence: Statelessness as a Determinant of Journalist Killings

Student Name: Joseph Naser Majors: Political Science Advisor: Professor Matt Krain, Second Reader: Dr. Jeffrey Lantis Research has shown that journalists are at the […]

Claire Davidson

Can Climate Fiction Novels Inspire Social Change? A Literary and Empirical Ecocritical Analysis

Student Name: Claire Davidson Majors: Sociology, English Advisors: David McConnell, Susanna Sacks Dr. Melissa M. Schultz Sustainability and the Environment Award Collective action to […]

Delaney Zuver

2020 Summer Stories: Personal Narrative, Sensemaking, and Memory during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Student Name: Delaney Zuver Major: Communication Studies Advisors: Nii Kotei Nikoi, Ahmet Atay Critical Digital Engagement Award The summer of 2020 contained many important […]

Devon Matson

We’re All A Little Bit Gay: Female Homoeroticism In Greek Art

Student Name: Devon Matson Majors: History, Archaeology Advisors: Dr. Jordan Biro Walters, Dr. Olivia Navarro-Farr Critical Digital Engagement Award My Independent Study focuses on […]

Megan Gronau

You Have 10 Minutes Remaining: An Examination Into Common Test-Taking Anxieties’ Effect on Academic Performance in Relation to Academic Intrinsic Motivation and Achievement Goal Orientation

Student Name: Megan Gronau Major: Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Advisors: Dr. Ashley Abraham, Dr. Susan Clayton Between 25% -40% of students experience test-taking anxiety to […]

Morgan Barnett

Boudica and Agrippina: An Analysis of the Representation of Female Power in Tacitus and Dio

Student Name: Morgan Barnett Major: Classical Studies Advisors: Dr. Josephine Shaya, Dr. Monica Florence (second reader) This paper argues that the representations of Agrippina […]

Alex Cohen

Derivative Intentionality & Gricean Meaning

Student Name: Alex Cohen Major: Philosophy Advisor: Dr. Garrett Thomson At the end of my junior year, I became very interested in semantic meaning. […]

Georgia Hopps-Weber

Preserving Keith Haring’s Legacy of “Art for All” through the Study of the Chemical Degradation of Daylight Fluorescent Paints and their Constituent Rhodamine Dyes

Student Name: Georgia Hopps-Weber Major: Chemistry, Art History Advisors: Dr. Sobeck and Dr. Siewert Daylight fluorescent paints were introduced in the 1940s by the […]

Katie Lindelof

Sorry, I Think You’re Muted: A Typological Content Analysis on Tele-Education

Student Name: Katie Lindelof Major: Communication Studies Minor: Education Advisors: Dr. Razzante & Dr. Atay The purpose of this study was to investigate current […]

Jennifer Meltzer

Perceptions of social activists: Evaluations of criminality based on race and social activism

Name: Jennifer Meltzer Major: Psychology Advisors: Dr. Amber Garcia, Dr. Michelle Colvin The current research studied the punishment an individual would receive for disturbing […]

Heather Hartmann

El concepto de autor y la originalidad en las adaptaciones de Natalia Lafourcade

Name: Heather Hartmann Majors: Chemistry, Spanish Advisors: Dr. Hernán Medina, Dr. Rebecca Garonzik My independent study explores the idea of the author and adaptations […]

Sailesh Yellayi

Digital vs. Detrimental: Understanding the Connection Between Internet Addiction and Mental Health

Name: Sailesh Ram Yellayi Major: Psychology Minor: Classical Studies Advisor: Dr. Susan Clayton, Mike Casey (second reader) Addiction is generally viewed as a grave […]

Merlin Li

Deciphering Protein Evolution – Evidence of Negative Cooperativity in Cytosolic Taurocyamine Kinase from Arenicola brasiliensis and its evolutionary implication

Name: Mingyuan “Merlin” Li Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Advisors: Dr. Mark Snider, Dr. Dean Fraga The study of biological evolution-how and why biological […]

Max Gregg

Normative Bastardy

Name: Max Gregg Major: Philosophy Advisor: Dr. Evan Riley In the contemporary United States, the phrase All Cops are Bastards (ACAB) is a prominent […]