Music Education at The College of Wooster

Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music and the Ohio Department of Education, the degree Bachelor of Music Education in Public School Teaching leads to licensure in the State of Ohio at the elementary and/or secondary levels.

With foundations firmly rooted in the field of Music Education, our faculty brings a combined 45 years of experience teaching in public schools. You’ll frequently hear the phrase “early and often,” regarding our philosophy of classroom exposure and experience; our majors are out in the public school classrooms from their very first music education class at Wooster.  The curriculum prepares students for a career in choral, instrumental, and/or general music.

Audition requirements

To gain admission to the Bachelor of Music Education in Public School Teaching degree program, a student must pass an entrance audition before a faculty jury of three, to be appointed by the chairperson. The audition will occur near the end of the second semester of college and must demonstrate the student’s ability to perform at a high level, the literature of several historical periods and styles. A student wishing to perform an entrance audition must notify the chairperson in writing at least three weeks prior to the audition. Only after passing the entrance audition may the student declare as a major the Bachelor of Music Education. A student who does not pass the entrance audition in the second semester may have a second opportunity in the first two weeks of the third semester.


Faculty & Staff

Tim Freeze portrait

Timothy Freeze

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Trombone


Jonathan Guez

Jonathan Guez

Associate Professor of Music, Music Theory


Cara Haxo portrait

Cara Haxo

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Music Theory


Gunnar Owen Hirthe

Gunnar Hirthe

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Clarinet


Rachel King portrait

Rachel King

Adjunct Instructor of Music


Sean Lawry

Sean Lawry

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Scottish Drumming


Jeffrey Lindberg

Jeffrey Lindberg

Professor of Music, Wooster Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Trombone, Jazz History and Improvisation


James Marron faculty in music at The College of Wooster

James Marron

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Guitar


Kiirsi Maunula Johnson portrait

Kiirsi Maunula Johnson

Adjunct Instructor of Music, French horn

Peter Mowrey

Peter Mowrey

Professor of Music - Music Theory, Composition, Piano and Electronic Music


Yuka Nakayama Lewicki

Yuka Nakayama-Lewicki

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Piano


Young Oh pianist in the department of music at the college of wooster

Young Oh

Staff Collaborative Pianist, Music


Daniel Overly music at the college of wooster

Daniel Overly

Staff Collaborative Pianist, Music


Victoria Peacock adjunct choral music instructor

Victoria Peacock

Adjunct Instructor, Wooster Singers


Melissa Puster

Melissa Puster

Administrative Coordinator of Music


Perry Roth

Perry Roth

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Saxophone


Arleigh Savage

Arleigh Savage

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Bassoon


Palmer Shonk portrait playing bagpipes

Palmer Shonk

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Bagpipes


Toni Shreve

Toni Shreve

Staff Collaborative Pianist - Music


Shitong Sigler

Shitong Sigler

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Piano


Greg Slawson

Greg Slawson

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Jazz Piano, Improvisation, Music Technology


Cynthia Warren adjunct instructor oboe music at The college of wooster

Cynthia Warren

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Oboe


Lisa Wong

Lisa Wong

Associate Professor and Department Co-Chair of Music, Wooster Chorus, Music Education, Conducting


Thomas Wood

Thomas Wood

Professor of Music, Violin, Chamber Music, String Methods, Music History and Literature


Kimberly Zaleski

Kimberly Zaleski

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Flute


Mingyao Zhao

Mingyao Zhao

Adjunct Instructor of Music, Cello


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The Bachelor of Music Education (Public School Teaching) degree requires completion of 12-15 courses, including mathematics, humanities, social sciences, psychology, music theory, music history and literature courses.

Wooster is able to offer Ohio teaching licensure for graduates of this program for grades preK-12.

Independent Study

All students at The College of Wooster complete an independent study project on the topic of their choice under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The project is delivered in the form of a thesis, performance, or through another platform in spring of each student’s senior year.


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Wooster graduates can earn an Ohio teaching license that allows them to teach music in grades preK-12. Many students choose to further their studies in graduate and professional programs at top universities across the United States.

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