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Music Scholarship

Awarded to incoming first-year students (transfers are not eligible) on the basis of music performance skills demonstrated at the audition or compositional skills evidenced by written scores. Recipients are not required to major or minor in music at Wooster. Those auditioning must perform in areas in which the College offers instruction.

We look forward to welcoming applicants to campus for their selected audition weekend. Auditions will be held on-campus in Scheide Music Center on:

2017-2018 Music Scholarship Dates will be:

  • December 1-2, 2017
  • January 26-27, 2018
  • February 2-3, 2018

*Applicants who complete all necessary steps by the deadline will be notified of a scholarship decision by April 1.

Music Performance

Applicants should present ten minutes of concert music (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and/or Twentieth/Twenty-First Century) or jazz in at least two contrasting styles selected from the Class A Solo Repertoire List (or its equivalent) from your state. Selections should be chosen to demonstrate technical facility as well as expression and tone quality. When possible, singers should perform in English and at least one foreign language, preferably Italian, and may include one song from a musical. Memorization for singers is required. In keeping with copyright laws, applicants who perform using printed music must perform from published editions, not from photocopies or facsimiles.

Music Composition

Applicants should submit two representative scores. Recordings of compositions are encouraged but not required. Applicants who are not percussionists may audition on only one instrument or in voice. Percussionists must audition on at least two contrasting instruments.

International Students

Recorded auditions will be considered ONLY for international applicants. Recordings (and all application materials) must be postmarked by your selected deadline.

All Applicants

Applicants are required to attend the Introduction to Music at Wooster Program, which will be held Friday of the audition weekend in Scheide Music Center from 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Expectations of Recipients

Beginning with the first semester of the first year and continuing for as long as the scholarship is held, recipients must:

  • Enroll in private lessons on the instrument or voice in which the scholarship was awarded or in composition lessons if the scholarship was awarded for composition.
  • Participate in the Wooster Singers, Wooster Chorus, Wooster Symphony Orchestra, Scot Band, or Wooster Jazz Ensemble, as assigned by the ensemble directors. (Depending upon need, pianists might be asked to enroll in Accompanying instead of a large ensemble during some semesters.)
  • A satisfactory grade (C- or higher) or satisfactory audit must be earned in the required lessons and ensembles each semester in order to maintain the scholarship.

Questions & Concerns

Please contact Donna Reed, Administrative Coordinator, at 330-263-2419.