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NameProject TitleAdvisor's Name(s)Major(s)Minor(s)
Zoe DudackLittle Boxes: A Gothic Horror NovellaDr. Kate Beutner & Dr. Christopher KangEnglishMusic
Troy BaughmanApplications of Constraint Programming in Sports Scheduling​Heather GuarneraMathematics
Sarah NeuvilleImmune function of salamander species Plethodon cinereus, Plethodon electromorphus, and hybrid individuals against Batrachochytrium dendrobatidisHilary Edgington, Ryan Ozar, Rick LehtinenBiology, Education
Kylie E KellerThe Influence of Silver (I) Carboxylate Ligand Structure on Pseudomonas aeruginosaDr. Marie Southerland (advisor) and Dr. Sara Martin (second reader)Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Julia Weisberg"Pretty Privilege" and Survival: Recognizing the Difference in Social Treatment, Most Notably in Healthcare, Towards Those Who Are Highly AttractiveAdvisor: Dr. Karen Haely, Second Reader: Dr. Elizabeth SchiltzPhilosophy
Joseph KalmarTwo Tales of Murder and Intrigue: The Study and Practical Application of Current French Translation TechniquesAdvisors: Dr. Marion Duval and Dr. Harry Gamble, Second Reader: Dr. Laura BurchFrench and Francophone StudiesHistory
Shawn NgwenaAn Analysis of The Effects of The Rapidly Growing Technology Industry on Income Inequality in The United StatesProf Melanie Long, Prof Brooke KrauseEconomicsComputer Science
Elijah WinfieldDoes Having a Birth Plan Impact Your Birth Experience? A Deeper Look into Birth Plans, Birth Assistants/Attendants, and The Microbiome in Birth ExperiencesThomas Tierney & Stephanie StrandSocial Health
Abigail TarburtonWhy Students Struggle in General Chemistry: Understanding Open-Ended Assessment in the Chemistry 111 ClassroomDr. Lilliana Morris (Advisor), Dr. Jennifer Faust (Second Reader), Dr. Ryan Ozar (Education Advisor)Chemistry, Education
Justine Paul BerinaUnearthing the effects of European-American settlement on a northeast Ohio kettle lake through diatom stratigraphyMark Wilson & Greg WilesGeology
Aubry MillerThe Economic Impact of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs: An Evaluation of the Provisioning Services of the Great Barrier Reef, AustraliaProf. Sookti Chaudhary and Prof. Phil MellizoEconomicsStudio Art
Rebecca LaRueFrom the Parks to the Polls: National Parks, Place Attachment, and Environmental Voting BehaviorDr. Bas van DoornPolitical Science (U.S. National Politics)Geology, Education
Maya McDonaldExploring Classical Techniques through Portraiture as a Combination of Image and ObjectMarina MangubiStudio Art
Ellison ZupanDoes Positive Reinforcement Training Reduce Inter-Dog Reactivity in an Animal Shelter Setting?Advisors: Dr.Jennifer Ison and Dr.Stephanie Strand; Second Reader: Dr. Hilary EdgingtonBiology
Nathaniel Stevens Seeley Jr.Invasive Autumn Olive’s impacts on native Red Oak tree growth rate and germinationRick Lehtinen (Advisor), Seth Kelly (Second Reader)Biology
Meghan WrightSeminal Fluid Adipokinetic Hormone Influence on Remating Behaviors of Female Ae. aegyptiAdvisor: Dr. Laura Sirot; Second reader: Dr. William MorganBiology
Damien JourilesPhysiological Anomalies in the Bullhead of the Cuyahoga River and Killbuck CreekAdvisor: Dr. R. Williams, Second Reader: Dr. S KellyBiologyClassical Languages (Latin)
Jillian NessThe Impacts of Childhood Parental Death Among College Aged StudentsHeather Fitz-Gibbon & Setsuko MatsuzawaSociologyEducation
Hamilton JohnsonExploring the Name, Image and Likeness Legislation Within Collegiate AthleticsNii NikoiCommunication Studies
Sophie Helen RyanHands That Grab and Tongues That Say: Understanding Animal Narrators and ProtagonistsEnglish advisor and second reader: Dr. Kate Beuter & Dr. Tom Prendergast; Psychology advisor: Dr. Michael CaseyEnglish, Psychology
Cecelia BagnoliWomen of Appalachia: Common Ground, Different MatriarchDr. Oscar Mejía & Dr. Denise BostdorffCommunication Studies, Environmental Studies
Megan Fisher#Fitspiration vs. #BodyNeutrality: Effects of Social Media Communities on Body Appreciation and Food ChoiceAdvisor: Bryan Karazsia; Second reader: Amber GarciaPsychologyPhilosophy
Derek Alejandro HinojosaSketching Big Data: Applying Probabilistic Data Structures and AlgorithmsKowshik BhowmikComputer Science
Kea'Shaun Phillips"TIME 4 CHANGE" A Lyrical Analysis of Conscious Rap Songs During The Black Lives Matter EraDenise BostdorffCommunication Studies
Kayla AudetteDown-regulation of Innate Immune Response Rel/NF-kB Transcription Factor Genes Relish and Dif in Cholinergic Neurons Alter Sleep Patterns in Drosophila melanogaster.Seth Kelly and Hillary EdgintonNeurobiologyStatistical and Data Science
Baihe LuoCombinatorics of Phylogenetic Trees and NetworksDr. Long & Dr. KelveyMath
Sinae "Stacey" ParkThe Influence of Familiarity with Faces on the Other-Race Classification AdvantageDr. Grit Herzmann (Advisor), Dr. John Neuhoff (Second Reader)Psychology
Anjolaoluwa OlubusiBacklog Burner: An Adventure Into Automated SchedulingDr. Thomas Montelione, Dr. Colby LongComputer Science, Mathematics
Jacqueline SpielesEffects of microbiome diversity and indole on Candida albicans infections in Caenorhabditis elegansDr. Stephanie Strand, Dr. Richard LehtinenBiology
Saralee RenickWill You Accept this Rose?: The Representation of Black Women on The Bachelorette Seasons 13 and 18Michael Miyawaki, Heather Fitz GibbonSociologyPolitical Science
Rachel JonesBody Image Mediating the Relationship between Personality Factors, Emotionality and Extraversion, and Psychological Well-being in a Gender-Diverse and Queer SampleAdvisor: Amber Garcia Second Reader: Meredith HopePsyhcologyWomen, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Molly LikinsIn Hot Water! Using Numerical Analysis to show the Effects of Climate Change on the Great LakesSubhadip Chowdhury (Advisor) & Drew Pasteur (Second Reader)Mathematics
Abigail BreitenbucherGaming the System: A Game Theoretic Approach to Risk Management and CybersecurityAdvisor: Dr. Colby Long, Second Reader: Dr. Subhadip ChowdhuryMathematicsAnthropology, History
Pavithra Brahmananda ReddyRecommender SystemsThomas Montelione (Advisor), Robert Kelvey (Second Reader)Computer Science, Mathematics
Spencer GaitschMisconceptions in Parallel: Belligerent Perceptions of Mediator Bias in the Chinese Civil WarDr. Christina Welsch, Dr. Matthew KrainHistory, Political ScienceN/A
Nikki Marie Elizabeth Hoseus"Orange Is the New Mistreatment?": An Analysis of Knowledge and Perceptions of Incarcerated Women and their Mistreatment Through (Non)Viewing of Orange Is the New BlackDr. Denise Bostdorff and Dr. Setsuko MatsuzawaCommunication Studies, Sociology
Nina CatalfoA Year of N-Confusion: Determining Aggregation in N-Confused Porphyrins Using UV-Vis SpectroscopyDr. Paul Bonvallet (advisor), Dr. Karl Feierabend (second reader)ChemistryEnglish
Margaret JaggerDeveloping a Virtual Modular Synthesizer for Sound Waves and MIDIDrew Guarnera & Sofia VisaComputer Science, MusicStatistical and Data Sciences
Mitchell ReardonThe Underlying Effects of the Sticky Substance Ban On the MLBColby Long & Christina HorrMathematicsStatistical and Data Sciences
Leah WilcoxKnots, Nots, and LoopsDr. Robert KelveyMathematicsFrench and Francophone Studies
Megan E. ZinsThe Fading of Intention: Photodegradation Studies of Carmine Colorants and Their Implications in Art ConservationDr. Sarah J. Sobeck and Dr. Lilliana S. MorrisChemistryArt History
Ben FoltzBuilt to Scale: An Exploration Into Full Stack Development StrategiesAdvisor: Drew Guarnera | 2nd Reader: Kowshik BhowmikComputer Science
Melita WilesAngular frequency of rotating spiral waves in a chemical reaction-diffusion systemDr. Niklas Manz & Dr. Cody LearyPhysics, Mathematics
Melita WilesUsing Machine Learning and Regression Techniques to Rank Liberal Arts Colleges on Social Mobility and the Advancement of Underrepresented GroupsDr. Christina Horr, Dr. Drew PasteurPhysics, Mathematics
Anabelle AndersenRockin’ Cities Underground: An Urban Morphological Lens in the Archaeological Cavate Sites of Derinkuyu and NaoursSiavash Samei and Kara MorrowArchaeology, Art History
Kate ReadForming National Identity through Commemoration: Representation within Postage Stamps at the Smithsonian’s National Postal MuseumDr. Derderian & Dr. ThomasAnthropologyArt History
Clara BeckerPhages, on the Rocks: Development of a Bacteriophage Cocktail Infecting Pseudomonas chlororaphis 14B11Stephanie Strand (advisor) and William Morgan (second reader)Biology
Burim SaciriTo Pull or To Not Pull the Lever: A Data Driven Approach to Understand the Philosophical Trolley ProblemDr. Rob Kelvey (Advisor) & Dr. Jillian Morrison (Second Reader)Statistical & Data SciencePhilosophy
Emily PfauHandwriting Recognition System: Comparative Analysis of Artificial Neural Network and Convolutional Neural Network ModelsKowshik BhowmikComputer SciencePolitical Science
Atticus MoatsMaking Sensory Neuroscience Comparative: A Review and Analysis of Orientation Selective Retinal Ganglion CellsDr. Nicholas Brandley and Dr. John NeuhoffNeurobiology, Sensory Communication Sciences
Holly McAnlisSynthesis and Photophysical Evaluation of Porphyrin-Natural Product Hybrids for Use in Photodynamic TherapyDr. Paul BonvalletChemistry
Ngoc Khanh LaiEffect of Adipokinetic Hormone on Blood-feeding Behavior and Digestion of Aedes aegypti mosquitoesAdvisor: Dr. Laura Sirot, Second Reader: Dr. Sharon LynnBiology
Shankar A BhatFatty Acids and the Innate Immune System: A Study Infecting Caenorhabditis elegans with Pseudomonas aeruginosaDr Stephanie StrandBiology
Laura PeterjohnHuman Capital Investment through Education: The way to an equitable middle class in South AfricaDr Brooke Krause (Advisor), Dr Melanie Long (Second Reader)EconomicsEnglish
Hung VuDesigning and Implementing a First-Person ShooterAdvisor: Drew Guarnera; Second Reader: Kowshik BhowmikComputer ScienceMathematics
Jack WilliamsSweeney Todd: Adaptation Across Media & TimeDr. Oscar Mejia, Dr. Ahmet AtayCommunication StudiesMusic, Global Media & Digital Studies
Kien LeOn Implementing and Testing the RSA AlgorithmSofia Visa and Subhadip ChowdhuryMathematics, Computer Science
Karen SuzueAdaptive NPC Behavior in Maze Chase Game Using Genetic AlgorithmsDrew Guarnera (advisor), Sofia Visa (second reader)Computer ScienceStudio Art
Rachel SemelHelp Wanted: An Investigation of Professionals’ Approaches to and Perceptions Regarding Vocational Development When Working with Young Adults with Autism or Down SyndromeAdvisor: Joan E. Furey, Ph.D., Second Reader: Cara HammondCommunication Sciences and DisordersEducation
Maxwell HoslerElementary Geometry in Non-Elementary Spaces: Counting the Moduli Space of Pentagons on Finite Projective PlanesDr. Robert Kelvey & Dr. Pam PierceMathematicsComputer Science
Morgan KromerWildfire Simulation Using Agent Based Modeling: Expanding Controlled Burn SeasonsDr. Colby Long, Dr. Drew Pasteur (2nd reader)MathematicsStatistical and Data Sciences
Ellen NikirkConjuring Authenticity: The Coven, Buckland Museum, and the Representation of Magic Behind GlassDr. Katie Holt and Dr. Pamela FreseHistory, Anthropology
Maris WoldinPrescribed Burns in Remnant Prairies: Pollinator Fidelity for Echinacea angustifolia and Plant CompositionDr. Ison and Dr. BrandleyBiology
Katherine Ann BilletdeauxAre the eyes the window to the soul? An investigation into the role the eyes play in emotion recognitionAdvisor: Dr. Grit Herzmann; Second reader: Dr. Evan WilhelmsCognitive Behavioral Neuroscience
Kayla R. BertholfTo Clean or Not to Clean: Exploring the Ability of Biocidal Compounds to Induce Physiological Changes in Bacteria that may Increase the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance GenesDr. Stephanie StrandBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyReligious Studies
Gunjan JoshiExploring Augmented Reality Using Snapchat's Lens StudioDr. Drew Guarnera & Dr. Thomas MontelioneComputer ScienceEconomics
Hitomi OkamuraExamining the Relationship Between Phonological Processing and Second Language Acquisition for Spanish-English BilingualsAdvisor: Dr. Grit Herzmann, Second Reader: Dr. John NeuhoffNeuroscience - Cognitive Behavioral Track
Luke PritchardPredicting Formula 1 Races using Ordered Logistic Regression and Elo RatingsDr. Luri, Dr. MorrisonStatistical & Data SciencesGlobal Media and Digital Studies
Mia ChenAn Investigation of the Clinical Considerations of Speech-Language Pathologists When Working With Spanish-English Bilingual Adults With AphasiaDr. Joan E. Furey, Dr. Grit Herzmann (second reader)Communication Sciences and DisordersPsychology, Spanish
Shelby JonesPaleoliTHICC: Understanding the Woman of Willendorf using contemporary fat studiesAdvisor: Dr. Siavash Samei, Second Reader: Dr. Beth DerderianAnthropologyHistory
Lily BarnettIf There is a God, He's Probably on Wall Street: A Genre Analysis of Social Criticism in Horror and Melodrama FilmsDr. Ahmet Atay & Dr. Nii NikoiCommunication StudiesGlobal Media and Digital Studies
Richie PajakA Simulation of the Economic Impact of Disaster EventsHeather GuarneraComputer ScienceEconomics
Kate SchlegelIntegrating Art History into K-5 Social Studies ClassroomsTracy Cosgriff & Allison NeptuneArt History, Education
Elijah MillerFeelin' Groovy: A Visual Rebranding of Radio Corporation of America RecordsAdvisor: Ahmet Atay, Second Reader: Nii NikoiCommunication StudiesGlobal Media and Digital Studies
Sabrina HelckThe Infinity Conundrum: Understanding Topics in Set Theory and the Continuum HypothesisDr. Subhadip Chowdhury, Dr. Rob KelveyMathematics
Katie ThompsonLearning in Virtual and In-Person Elementary Classrooms: Elementary Teachers Experiences with Virtual Classrooms and their Immediacy StrategiesZhenyu Tian, Megan WereleyCommunication Studies, Early Childhood Education with Licensure
Marian OverfieldIntrinsic and Extrinsic Motivators of Why Women Enter STEMMeredith HopePsychology
Jackson StuffA Call to Lights, Camera, and Action: How Hollywood Woke America to the Nazi ThreatMadonna HettingerHistory, Education
Srushti ChaudhariMelting Water Towers: Analyzing the Impact of Climate Change on Himalayan Glaciology and South Asian AgroeconomyDr. Shelley JudgeGeologyEconomics
William Valentine McMichaelDeveloping Yeast as a Cellular-based Neurotransmitter Fluorescently Engineered Reporter for AcetylcholineDr. William Morgan, Dr. Seth KellyNeurobiology
May Zin HlaingInvestigating Substrate Specificity for 6-Hydroxynicotinate 3- Monooxygenase (NicC) with Alternative Substrates: Consequences to Catalysis of Replacing the Ring NitrogenDr. Dean FragaBiochemistry and Molecular Biology (BCMB)
Mia Villavicencio-EschingerTwo Wrongs Make a [Far-]Right: The Rise and SUccess of the Far-Right in Western EuropeDr. Michele LeibyPolitical Science
Joseph Thomas HenryHunger Hacker: An Exploration of Neural Networks for Food Preference PredictionAdvisor is Drew Guarnera and Second Reader is Thomas MontelioneComputer ScienceCommunication Studies
Krista EnglishBiochemical Analysis of the Myxococcus fulvus 124B02 Arginine KinaseDean FragaBiochemistry
Bang NguyenQueering NLP: A Non-Heteronormative Approach to Quantifying and Investigating Sentiment Bias against LGBTQ+ Identities in Word EmbeddingsAdvisor: Professor Kowshik Bhowmik; Second Reader: Professor Thomas MontelioneComputer ScienceStatistical & Data Sciences, Communication Studies
Audrey HolderMeat Your Vegetables: An Exploration into Food Sustainability on a Small Liberal Arts CampusSeiko Matsuzawa (Advisor) & Heather Fitz Gibbon (Second Reader)AnthropologyEnvironmental Studies
Matthew AkinsDesperate Democrats in the Reagan Revolution: A Party Determined to Win the White HouseDr. Bas van Doorn, Dr. Jordan Biro-WaltersPolitical Science, History
Huy KieuAn Analysis of Advanced SQL Injection Exploitation and MitigationThomas MontelioneComputer ScienceMathematics
Cammy BlyThe Influence of Accent, Gender, and Ethnocentrism on Stereotype Content, "What Does the Black Legend Have to Do With Cusco?": Un Discurso de la Alteridad, la Evangelización, y el Arte Religioso en el Cusco ColonialPsychology: Dr. Amber Garcia, Second reader Dr. Evan Wilhelms, Spanish: Dr. Hernán Medina, Second reader Dr. Rebecca GaronzikPsychology, Spanish
Jacob SheltonA Linguistic Look at Liberty’s Gag: Vagueness in Spain’s Ley MordazaOsmer Balam, Katherine HoltHistory, Spanish
Emilee R. HainesAdvances in characterizing the gene-encoded subunits that compose the nicotinate dehydrogenase and 6-hydroxynicotinate dehydrogenase complexes within the Bacillus niacini nicotinic acid degradation pathwayDr. Mark Snider and Dr. Marie SoutherlandBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyMathematics
Colin Mihalick GutowInvesting in our Future: Identifying Students Most in Need of Assistance​Dr. Sofia Visa & Dr. Kowshik BhowmikComputer ScienceMathematics
Sarah MullenUsing Computational Methods to Study Changes in the Fundamental and Overtone NH Stretches due to Solvent EffectsDr. Karl Feierabend and Dr. Sarah Sobeck (second reader)ChemistryMathematics
Joel Kpakpo BrownMolecular recognition within the ES complex: A mechanistic investigation to discern how 6-hydroxynicotinate-3-monooxygenase (NicC) distinguishes between substrate analogues when enhancing its rate of NADH oxidation.Dr. Mark J. Snider and Dr. Sara E.S. MartinBiochemistry and Molecular Biology
Jenna StantonA Critical Analysis of Antiracist Pedagogical Strategies and Diverse Young Adult Literature for White EducatorsDr. Susanna Sacks. Second Reader: Dr. Christopher Kang.English, Education.
Raena GambleAfrican Queens: The Unknown Voices of the Archaeological Record​Dr. Siavash SameiArchaeologyClassical Studies, Art History
Riley SmithAdd Women and Stir: The Effect of Female Mentorship on Women's Law School ExperiencesAdvisor: Dr. Angie Bos Second Reader: Désirée WeberPolitical Science- US National PoliticsGerman Studies
Mazvita Marilyn ChikomoModeling Meets Mirror Lake: How Highly Urbanized Areas Influence Surface Water- Groundwater Interactions at The Ohio State University, Columbus, OhioDr. Shelley Judge (Advisor), and Dr. Greg Wiles (Second Reader)Environmental Geoscience
Lia McGrath KahanDeep Roots in Eroding Soil: Building Decolonial Resilience Amidst Climate Violence and Displacement in a Louisiana Bayou Indigenous CommunityDr. Iemanja Brown & Dr. Carlo MorenoEnvironmental Studies - Environment and Society
Sky GillFinding a Way Home: Examining Outcomes of Foster Care after MaltreatmentAdvised by: Dr. Horr, Second Reader: Dr. MorrisonStatistical and Data SciencesSociology, Environmental Studies
Hannah GroetschSetting the Stage for Representation: Women Candidates and Moderators' Impact on the Prevalence of Women's Issues in Presidential Primary DebatesAdvisor: Dr. Angela Bos Second Reader: Dr. Avram MuñozPolitical Science: U.S. National PoliticsEnglish
Emma DavidsonTime Flies: An analysis of circadian impact upon cell cycle regulation using Boolean modeling and a Drosophila modelErzsebet Regan and Seth KellyNeurobiology
Megan TuennermanPuffins, the Charismatic Clowns of the Sea: Examining the Relationship Between Community Identity and the Social Construction of AnimalsDr. Heather Fitz GibbonSociology, Environmental Studies
Zdena SinkhornPropaganda, Print Culture, and Popular Opinion: Newsletters and Pamphlets in Seventeenth-Century EnglandDr. Christina WelschHistoryPhilosophy
Emily ToddThe Impact of the Securitization of Children and Armed Conflict in the United Nations Security Council on the United Nations SystemDr. Kent KillePolitical Science: International RelationsPsychology
Abigail McFarren“Why Not a Woman?”: A Study of How the Media Portrays Women Vice Presidential CandidatesAdvisor: Dr. Angie Bos Second Reader: Dr. Dr. Avi MuñozPolitical Science- US National Politics FocusHistory
Rachel Marie OsterhousePlay Like a Girl: Examining the Stigma of Women's Health and Menstruation in Sports​Thomas Tierney, Setsuko MatsuzawaSociologyPolitical Science
Jenna Smith“No Matter Where You’re From, We’re Glad You’re Our Neighbor”: Enacting Justice Initiatives and Community Formation in Faith-Based OrganizationsDr. Heather Fitz Gibbon (Advisor) & Dr. Seiko Matsuzawa (Second Reader)SociologyReligious Studies
Camille CarrOn the Basis of Biological SexDr. Heather Fitz Gibbon and Dr. Mark GrahamSociology and Religious Studies
Nathan KreuterThe Soybean–Soybean Aphid Interaction: Mounting Defenses and Overcoming ResistanceDr. Andy Michel and Dr. Hilary EdgingtonBiologyEarth Science
Cat MoreschiThe Play’s The Thing: An Analysis of Professional and Amateur Queer Theater from 1967-1987 Through the Lens of Star Trek: The Original Series FandomChristina Welsch (Advisor) and Naoko Skala (Advisor)Theater & Dance, History
Philip GrayA Break From 538: A Study On The Expansion Of The House Of Representatives In Electoral College Reform And Its Relationship To The Popular VoteProfessor Bos, Professor Van DoornPolitical ScienceHistory
Carly McWilliamsWhat Girls Do: Girls' Political Participation Reflected in Contemporary Young Adult LiteratureDr. Bos, Dr. CowingPolitical Science, English
Ian ZonfaBoolean Modeling of the Interactions Between Inflammation, Hypoxia, and the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT)Advisor- Erzsébet Regan, Second Reader- Mark SniderBiochemistry/Molecular BiologyPolitical Science
Hannah Nguyen"Not Liberating Women Means the Building of a Socialist Society is Only Half-Way Done": A Feminist Analysis of Ho Chi Minh's Advocacy for the First Law on Marriage and Family in 1959 VietnamDr. Denise Bostdorff (advisor) & Dr. Oscar Mejia (second reader)Communication Studies
Julian BallesterosThe Physiological and Psychological Effects of Accelerated Rehabilitation, Visualization, and Virtual Reality on ACL RehabilitationNicholas BrandleyBiology
Brimmer D MorrisonGrotesque Cultural Exchange; A Study of Japanese Fashion HistoryMadonna HettingerHistoryFrench and Francophone studies
Dillon WheelerModeling Premier League Success with Extreme Gradient BoostingChristina Horr, Moses LuriStatistical and Data SciencesEconomics
Libby MaloneIntegrating Communication and Culture in Intermediate French ClassesRebecca Grenouilleau-Loescher and Matthew BrodaFrench
Alicia McElweeFollowing the Lead: Impact of Soil Amendments on Lead Toxicity to Tomato PlantsDr. Paul Edmiston (advisor) and Dr. Mark Snider (second reader)Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyReligious Studies
Emma BossaertEradicating Pseudomonas Biofilms through Synergistic Interaction of Manuka Honey and Bacteriophage PF7Dr. William MorganBiologyEnvironmental Studies
Katlyn YeagerAre We Listening To Their Silent Voices? An Investigation of Speech-Language Pathologists’ Knowledge of Spasmodic Dysphonia, Their Perceptions of Treatment, and Patient Experiences with TreatmentAdvisor: Donald M. Goldberg, Ph.D.; Second Reader: Joan E. Furey, Ph.D.Communication Sciences and DisordersEducation
David DiGena-SegalWhat’s in the Air: Characterization of Particulate Matter in Wooster, OhioJennifer A. Faust, Rebekah E. Gray, and Paul L. EdmistonChemistry
Alon LibermanHighlights Generation for Tennis Matches using Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Audio AnalysisHeather Guarnera and Subhadip ChowdhuryComputer Science, Mathematics
Ren JohnsonWhat’s the Buzz? Presence of a Honey Bee Hive Decreases Native Bee Visitation to Native Plant Gardens in Northeast OhioAdvisors: Jennifer Ison, Reed Johnson, Hilary Edgington; Second Reader: Sharon LynnBiologyEnvironmental Studies
Maggie McCrackenVisual Looming Cues Increase the Auditory Looming Bias​John NeuhoffPsychology
Tyler ChumitaThe All-Math Team: A comparative study to predict end of the year award voting in baseball for the North Coast Athletic Conference using an empirical analysisChristina Horr and Drew PasteurMathematics, Education
Yuntao ZhangHow to Build up the Most Effective Soccer TeamAdvisor: Dr. Drew Pasteur Second Reader: Dr.Christina HorrMathematics
Nivedita RathaurTesting the effect of Intermittent fasting on anxiety and inflammation in rats with altered gut microbiotaDr. Sharon Lynn and Dr. Huiting TianBiology, Economics
Abigail JohnsonTogether Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.): An Investigation of Recreational Sports Teams' Coaches' Knowledge of Best Practices for Working with Adolescents with Autism Spectrum DisorderDonald M. Goldberg, Ph.D.Communication Sciences and Disorders, Education
Brian LuckFor Every Adaptation Belonging to Me as Good Belongs to You: Analyzing Intertextuality in Lauren Gunderson’s Literature-Based PlaysDr. Shirley Huston-Findley and Dr. Susanna SacksEnglish and Theatre & DanceEducation
Pragya MittalCheer Me Up: A Game Theoretic Optimisation Analysis of the Relationships Between Morale, Corruption and Individual Tax Evasion DecisionsDr. Moses LuriMathematics and Economics
Emma SaxtonAre You Sure You Don’t Know Me? A Facial Recognition Study and Examination of the Other-Race Effect with External Feature AlterationsDr. Grit HerzmannCognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience
Truong NguyenPositive, Negative, and Apocalyptic Climate Messages: The Effect on Attitudes and Possible Future Behaviors Toward SharksDr. Denise Bostdorff, Dr. Matt MariolaCommunication Studies and Environmental Studies
Aelon Ketema SamuelA Knock-out Experiment on a Neuronal Boolean ModelDr. Erzsébet Ravasz Regan, Dr. Rebecca Williams (second reader)NeurobiologyStudio Art
Vince GilleylenThe Infection Frequency and Severity of Batrachochytrium Dendrobatidis in Northern Two-Lined Salamanders in Wooster OhioDr. Rick Lehtinen, Dr, Stephanie StrandBiology
Natalie BeanSioux Resistance: How the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota People Maintain Their Fight Against the United States for Sovereignty and LandDr. Jordan Biro WaltersHistoryFrench and Francophone Studies